East Fremantle Football Club

East Fremantle
Full name East Fremantle Football Club
Nickname(s) Sharks, Old Easts
2011 season
Premiership 5th
Leading goalkicker Brock O'Brien (51 goals)
Best and fairest Rory O'Brien (350 votes)
Club details
Founded 1898
Colours      Royal Blue and      White
Competition West Australian Football League
Coach Steve Malaxos
Captain(s) Mark McGough
Premierships 29
Ground(s) East Fremantle Oval (capacity: 20,000)
Other information
Official website http://www.effc.com.au/
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The East Fremantle Football Club, nicknamed the Sharks, is an Australian rules football club playing in the West Australian Football League (WAFL). The team's home ground is East Fremantle Oval. East Fremantle are the most successful club in WAFL history, winning 29 premiership since their entry into the competition in 1898.[1]


Short history

The East Fremantle Football Club was formed in 1898 and has won 29 league premierships in the West Australian Football League, making the club the 2nd most successful in Western Australia and the third most successful, to South Bunbury Football Club, with 44 SWFL premierships, in Australia.[citation needed]

East Fremantle has a fierce rivalry with its Port cousin, South Fremantle, and the Foundation Day Derby between the two sides is a much anticipated highlight of the local football calendar. East Fremantle's success has thus far eclipsed that of South Fremantle, who (as of 2009) have won just 13 WAFL premierships.

Up until 1987, Western Australia was immersed in WAFL culture and East Fremantle enjoyed a strong following. In 1987, a Perth-based franchise – the West Coast Eagles – joined an expanded Victorian Football League. West Coast's initial squad included many East Fremantle players and they were coached by former East Fremantle premiership player and coach, Ron Alexander. Interest in the semi-national competition saw attendances at WAFL games start to fall.

The Sharks once pulled on average 10,000 people to a home game. Now – in 2007 – 2,000 people to a home game is considered a strong attendance. http://sbfc.com.au/history.html


Club Honours

1903 Premiership side

WAFL Premierships: (29 total) 1900, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1906, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1914, 1918, 1925, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1933, 1937, 1943[2], 1945, 1946[3], 1957, 1965, 1974, 1979, 1985, 1992, 1994, 1998

Runners-up: (28 total) 1899, 1901, 1905, 1907 1912, 1916, 1917, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1923, 1924, 1934, 1938, 1939, 1941, 1944, 1954, 1955, 1958, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1977, 1984, 1986, 1997, 2000

Reserves Premierships[4]: (13 total) 1926, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1950, 1951, 1962, 1970, 1989, 1993, 1994, 2001, 2008

Colts Premierships[5]: (10 total) 1962, 1966, 1969, 1973, 1981, 1987, 1992, 1998, 2001, 2010

Fourths Premierships[6]: (2 total) 1972, 1974

Rodriguez Shield: (6 total) 1957, 1977, 1985, 1996, 1997, 1998

State Premiership: (4 total) 1904, 1906, 1909, 1910

Individual Honours

Jack Clarke was a great ruckman for East Fremantle, playing in five grand finals, winning a Sandover Medal, representing Western Australia 26 times and winning selection in All-Australian sides four times

Sandover Medallists: (11 total) 1931: Lin Richards, 1950: Jim Conway, 1957: Jack Clarke, 1961 & 1963: Ray Sorrell, 1971: David Hollins, 1974: Graham Melrose, 1977: Brian Peake, 1985: Murray Wrensted, 1995: Craig Treleven, 1998: Adrian Brommage

Simpson Medallists: (8 total) 1945: Alan Ebbs, 1957: Frank Conway, 1962: Ray Sorrell, 1964: Norm Rogers, 1965: Dave Imrie, 1979: Kevin Taylor, 1992: Clinton Browning, 1994: Mark Amaranti, 1998: Adrian Brommage

Bernie Naylor Medallists: (13 total) 1923: Dinney Coffey (36), 1933: George Doig (106), 1934: George Doig (152), 1935: George Doig (113), 1936: George Doig (109), 1937: George Doig (144), 1941: George Doig (141), 1949: George Prince (82), 1966: Bob Johnson (92), 1979: Kevin Taylor (102), 1989: Neil Lester-Smith (90), 1999: Rod Tregenza (57), 2000: Rod Tregenza (86)

Prendergast Medallists: (5 total) 1954: Bill Taggart, 1977: Joe Angel, 1978: Kevin Taylor, 1994: Jon Stagg, 2002: Leigh Willison, 2008: Conor Davidson

Jack Clarke Medallists: (4 total) 1985: Mark Amaranti, 1989: Graham Ralph, 2000: Matthew Cremin, 2001: Andrew Green

Chesson Medallists: (2 total) 1972: Greg Brown, 1973: Doug Winning

All Australians: 1953, 1956, 1958 & 1961: Jack Clarke, 1958: Alan Preen, 1958: Norm Rogers, 1958 & 1961: Ray Sorrell, 1979 & 1980: Brian Peake, 1979: Tony Buhagiar, 1983: Kevin Taylor, 1986: Peter Wilson

Tassie Medallists: (1 total) 1979: Brian Peake


Highest Score: Round 17, 1944 - 33.23 (221) vs. South Fremantle at Fremantle Oval

Lowest Score: Round 13, 1898 - 1.2 (8) vs. West Perth at WACA

Greatest Winning Margin: Round 17, 1944 - 201 points vs. South Fremantle at Fremantle Oval

Greatest Losing Margin: Round 10, 1981 - 178 points vs. West Perth at Leederville Oval

Most games: Brian Peake 304 (1972-1981 & 1985-1989)

Most goals: George Doig 1111

Record Home Attendance: Round 3, 1979 - 21,317 vs. South Fremantle

Record Finals Attendance: 1979 Grand Final - 52,781 vs. South Fremantle at Subiaco Oval

Most consecutive victories: 35, between 28 July 1945 (Round 13) and 17 May 1947 (Round 3), including the 1945 and 1946 premierships

Most consecutive losses: 13

  1. between 18 May 1968 (Round 7) and 17 August 1968 (Round 19)
  2. between 11 April 1970 (Round 2) and 11 July 1970 (Round 14)

League premiership teams

1908 East Fremantle 5.7 (37) d. Perth 0.8 (8)

Backs: T. Wilson (c); J.Beswick; A. Strang

Half-backs: James Doig; Lee; Wrightson

Centres: Honeybone; S. Parsons; John Doig

Half-forwards: R. Sweetman; Robinson; H. Sharpe

Forwards: D. Christy; C. Doig; Hardisty

Rucks: Hesketh; Scott; McIntyre

1909 East Fremantle 8.8 (56) d. Perth 4.6 (30)

Backs: A. Spence; J.Beswick; T. Wilson (c)

Half-backs: A. Wrightson; James Doig; John Doig

Centres: A. Strang; S. Parsons; H. Sharpe

Half-forwards: R. Sweetman; H. Lee; Chas Doig

Forwards: N. Gilbert; A. Robinson; D. Christy

Rucks: Hesketh; J. Spence; W. Craig

1910 East Fremantle 5.5 (35) d. Perth 2.10 (22)

Backs: A. Wrightson; J. Beswick; E. Kellgren

Half-backs: James Doig; John Doig; A. Spence

Centres: Cleave Doig; H. Sharpe; A. Strang

Half-forwards: H. Bailey; E. Riley; Chas Doig

Forwards: J. Robinson; R. Wrightson; D. Christie

Rucks: M. Corkhill; C. Sweeman; W. Craig

1911 East Fremantle 14.12 (96) d. West Perth 7.3 (45)

Backs: Binns; Beswick; John Doig

Half-backs: James Doig; C. Wrightson; Spence

Centres: A. Strang; Kruger; H. Sharpe

Half-forwards: E. Riley; Robinson; Charles Doig

Forwards: P. Trotter; D. Christy; M. Corkhill

Rucks: J. Hesketh; N. Wrightson; W. Craig

1914 East Fremantle 5.13 (43) d. South Fremantle 3.6 (24)

Backs: A. Strang; A. Aisbett; W. Goddard

Half-backs: J. Scobie; E. Riley; A. Dix

Centres: H. Sharpe; W. Truscott; Victor Carlson

Half-forwards: Bill Burns; G. Brown; A. Rawlinson

Forwards: J. Hesketh; C. Doig; A. Riconi

Rucks: W. Heindrichs; J. Wrightson; W. Craig

1918 East Fremantle 11.8 (74) d. East Perth 8.5 (53)

Backs: Fowler; A. Aisbett; G. Brown

Half-backs: Webb; V. Carlson; J. Scobie

Centres: Bill Burns; W. Truscott (c); Bell

Half-forwards: A. Sheedy; A. Strang; A. Rawlinson

Forwards: L. Cinoris; Lawn; T. Gallagher

Rucks: D.Ingraham; Cain; A. Riconi

1925 East Fremantle 10.10 (70) d. Subiaco 6.7 (43)

Backs: Wicks; J. Jones; Ryan

Half-backs: Roche; R. Mudie; J. Baird

Centres: R. Buchanan; D. Coffey; Brown

Half-forwards: D. Woods; J. Dolan; C. Jarvis

Forwards: Gibson; T. Gallagher; W. Truscott

Rucks: L. Cinoris; L. Richards; A. Sheedy

1928 East Fremantle 10.13 (73) d. East Perth 8.8 (56)

Backs: Ryan; J. Jones; Pearce

Half-backs: D. Woods; C. Jarvis; O. Gabrielson

Centres: J. Laurie; D. Coffey; Clatworthy

Half-forwards: W. James; J. Dolan; L. Jones

Forwards: Laffin; Lethridge; Brown

Rucks: Telfer; G.Bee; Reynolds

1929 East Fremantle 8.22 (70) d. South Fremantle 5.9 (39)

Backs: Pearce; D. Woods; J. Baird

Half-backs: L. Richards; C. Jarvis; O. Gabrielson

Centres: J. Laurie; D. Coffey; R. Buchanan

Half-forwards: G. Bee; Jones; J. Dolan

Forwards: Laffin; Lethridge; Rowlands

Rucks: Telfer; Kavanagh; Reynolds

1930 East Fremantle 12.15 (87) d. South Fremantle 9.11 (65)

Backs: W. James; D. Woods; J. Baird

Half-backs: L. Richards; C. Jarvis; O. Gabrielson

Centres: R. Buchanan; Jones; J. Laurie

Half-forwards: G. Bee; J. Dolan; Butcher

Forwards: G. Cormack; Glass; Lethridge

Rucks: Telfer; Laffin; Reynolds

Reserve: Chegwidden

1931 East Fremantle 9.13 (67) d. Subiaco 7.7 (49)

Backs: Gabrielson; D. Woods; J. Baird

Half-backs: C. Jarvis; L. Richards; J. Munro

Centres: Dunne; G. Bee; Wright

Half-forwards: Glass; J. Dolan; Butcher

Forwards: Kingsbury; McGlynn; C. James

Rucks: Telfer; W. James; Taylor

Reserves: G. Cormack

1933 East Fremantle 10.13 (73) d. Subiaco 7.7 (49)

Backs: C. James; D. Woods; Donegan

Half-backs: J. Munro; Fordham; C. Jarvis

Centres: N. Doig; C. Doig; Taylor

Half-forwards: Migro; A. Kingsbury; J. Dolan

Forwards: McGlynn; G. Doig; Butcher

Rucks: W. James; Prosser; Reynolds

Reserves: Mann

1937 East Fremantle 14.13 (97) d. Claremont 13.9 (87)

Backs: N. Doig; Fordham; Skeahan

Half-backs: J. Clark; A. Kingsbury; R. Hutchinson

Centres: Seubert; C. Doig; Migro

Half-forwards: C. Briggs; E. Martiensen; McGlynn

Forwards: W. James; G. Doig; Mann

Rucks: Daniell; G. Wendt; Truscott

Reserves: Taylor

1945 East Fremantle 12.15 (87) d. South Fremantle 7.9 (51)

Backs: Briggs; Mellows; Garrity

Half-backs: Haddow; Gabrielson; K. Ebbs

Centres: Little; Conway; Jenkins

Half-forwards: Strang; Prince; A. Ebbs

Forwards: McDonald; G. Doig; G. Meiers

Ruck: Mann; V. Soltoggio; V. French

Reserves: C. Doig

Coach: J. Dolan

1946 East Fremantle 11.13 (79) d. West Perth 10.13 (73)

Backs: F. Clarke; R. Mellowship; J. Clarke

Half-backs: Charlie Doig; K. Ebbs; D. Gabrielson

Centres: D. Conway; B. Beccaria; H. Jeffreys

Half-forwards: C. Briggs; J. Conway; J. Green

Forwards: J. "Runty" Mc Donald; G. Prince; J. Sheedy

Ruck: A. Ebbs; S. Soltoggio; V. French

Reserves: D. Needham; P. Scorer

Coach: J. Dolan

1957 East Fremantle 10.18 (78) d. East Perth 9.8 (62)

Backs: M. Cowan; F. Coulson; P. Johnson

Half-backs: W.Onions; C.Regan; G. Mavor

Centres: F. Conway; T. Guthrie; W. Waters

Half-forwards: B. Lawrence; N. Rogers; R. Howard

Forwards: R. Lawrence; K. Holt; L. Anderson

Ruck: J. Clarke; A. Preen; S. Marsh

Reserves: L. Nugent; D. Anderson

Coach: S. Marsh

1965 East Fremantle 18.18 (126) d. Swan Districts 16.6 (102)

Backs: T. Stevenson; T. Sprigg; F. Coulson

Half-backs: K. Holt; N. Rogers; L. House

Centres: D. Cormack; H. Neesham; B. Biffin

Half-forwards: L. Watson; F. Lewis; M. Regan

Forwards: T. Casserly; B. Johnson (c); H. Bentley

Ruck: D. Imrie; B. Thornley; J. Martinson

Reserves: N. Dedman; D. Lang

Coach: R. (Bob) Johnson

1974 East Fremantle 17.20 (122) d. Perth 15.10 (100)

Backs: J. Grljusich; E. Donnes; B. Becu

Half-backs: K. Coates; D. Green; R. Bentley

Centres: C. Hicks; G. Gibellini; T. Micale

Half-forwards: N. Avery; G. Durnthaler; B. Peake

Forwards: A. Reid; P. Nicholls; T. Buhagiar

Ruck: N. Ferguson; D. Hollins; G. Melrose

Reserves: K. Williams; R. McHenry

Coach: J. Todd

1979 East Fremantle 21.19 (145) d. South Fremantle 16.6 (102)

Backs: A. Purser; R. Crouch; M. Dobson

Half-backs: M. Carrott; D. Green; P. LeCras

Centres: R. Lester-Smith; S. Green; J. Sims

Half-forwards: M. Turco; J. Sewell; W. Cormack

Forwards: K. Judge; I. Thomson; K. Taylor

Ruck: G. Carter; B. Peake (c); T. Buhagiar

Interchange: R. Johnson G. Kickett

Coach: B. Smith

1985 East Fremantle 15.12 (102) d. Subiaco 14.13 (97)

Backs: G. Christie; C. Waterson; G. Hoult

Half-backs: G. Wake; B. Forman; S. Green

Centres: D. Rankin; Solin; C. Mainwaring

Half-forwards: P. Wilson; A. Lockyer B. Peake

Forwards: R. Alexander (c); C.Browning; M. Turco

Ruck: P. Harding; G. Neesham; M. Wrensted

Interchange: R. Kerr; W. Jones

Coach: R. Alexander

1992 East Fremantle 12.19 (91) d. South Fremantle 9.13 (67)

Backs: D. Capewell; C. Browning; M. Amaranti

Half-backs: B. Krummel; B. Read; S. Moss

Centres: C. Anderson; T. Nichols; P. Davidson

Half-forwards: N. Lester-Smith; D. Condon; P. Quill

Forwards: B. Krakouer; A. Lockyer; J. Davidson

Ruck: I. Newman; S. Malaxos (c); S. Bilcich

Interchange: J. Lawrence; C. Treleven

Coach: K. Judge

1994 East Fremantle 13.13 (91) d. Claremont 10.10 (70)

Backs: G. Davies; D. Condon; M. Amaranti

Half-backs: C. Treleven; P. Harding; S. Edgar

Centres: J. Stagg; S. McManus; C. Pobjoy

Half-forwards: S. Bilcich; P. Abbott; G. Dhurrkay

Forwards: J. Davidson; A. Lockyer; D. Capewell

Ruck: J. Sanders; S. Malaxos (c); C. Anderson

Interchange: S.Lally; C. Burrows; W. Barnden

Coach: K. Judge

1998 East Fremantle 20.10 (130) d. West Perth 13.9 (87)

Backs: J. Stagg; J. Kerr; S. Spalding

Half-backs: M. Stockden; G. Madigan; M. Collica

Centres: G. Dhurrkay; M. Mellody; C. Pobjoy

Half-forwards: S. O'Brian; E. Spalding; S. Bilcich

Forwards: C. Kirey; D. Condon; L. Willison

Ruck: G. Egan; A. Bromage; W. Roser

Interchange: M. Clucas; J. Sanders; R. Bowden

Coach: T. Micale

AFL/VFL representatives

Past and present East Fremantle players who have played in the AFL/VFL include:

Roll of honour

Former East Fremantle Football Club players killed in action include:

  • Corporal Percy Sutherland MOFFLIN (10th Light Horse), KIA, Gallipoli, 16 June 1915
  • Private Roy James 'Nugget' WRIGHTSON (11th Battn), KIA, Armentieres, 30 May 1916
  • Private John Alexander Robertson 'Hooky' DOIG (44th Battn), KIA, Messines, 31 July 1917
  • Gunner John 'Jack' McCARTHY (36th Heavy Artillery), KIA, Ypres, 4 October 1917
  • Private Arthur Henry 'Cock' WRIGHTSON (48th Battn), KIA, Passchendaele, 12 October 1917

Club Song

The East Fremantle Football Club team song is sung to the tune of "Notre Dame Victory March".

Cheer, Cheer the Blue and the White
Honour the Sharks by day and by night
Lift that loyal banner high
Shake down the thunder from the sky
Whether the odds be great or be small
We'll will go in and win over all
While our players keep on fighting
Onwards to victory

See also

  • Wikipedia listing of East Fremantle Football Club players

References and notes

  1. ^ East Fremantle - Part One: 1898 to 1947 – FullPointsFooty. Retrieved 14 September 2011.
  2. ^ During the years 1942 to 1944 the WANFL operated as an under age competition
  3. ^ East Fremantle went through the whole season undefeated
  4. ^ from 1925
  5. ^ from 1957
  6. ^ fourth grade competition ran from 1965 to 1974

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