Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things

"Sometimes Aunt Martha Does Dreadful Things" is a 1971 cult film written, produced, and directed by Thomas Casey.

It is an exceedingly low-budget film set in Miami. The basic story centers around two criminals, Stanley and Paul, who have been run out of Baltimore and have decided to lie low in a Miami suburb. They hatch a plan that involves Paul wearing wigs, women's blouses, skirts, and sensible shoes to pose as Stanley's "Aunt Martha."

A homosexual relationship ostensibly exists between Paul and Stanley, although it isn't explicitly demonstrated. Stanley is shown in the company of several girls. Aunt Martha is not heartened by them and forbids Stanley to see them. Stanley and Aunt Martha argue constantly with Martha expressing a great deal of dissatisfaction with Stanley's lifestyle. Stanley seems to have no real direction in his life beyond hallucinogenic drugs and becoming terrified and hysterical when "far out chicks" start unbuckling his pants. When he gets absurdly high, he tends to become violently agitated.

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