Fontecilla (surname)

Fontecilla is a family name found in Spain, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, The United States, and Canada.


Fontecilla is one of a set of surnames related to or descended from 'Fuentes,' meaning fountains. [House of Names. [] ] These names include Fuente, de la Fuente, Fuentecilla, Fuéntez, Fuentez, Font, Fonte, Fontes, Fontecilla, Fontana, Fontano, Fontanal, Fontanales, Fontanals, Fontanella, Fontanet, Fontanillos and many more. [House of Names. [] ]

The name Fontecilla is a portmanteau of "fonte" (Italian for fountain) and "cilla" (Spanish for chair).

It is a common surname in Chile.

In Santiago, Chile, there is a street named Lo Fontecilla.

Notable Persons named Fontecilla

*Mercedes Fontecilla (The 2nd first lady of Chile, 1811-1813). [First Ladies of Chile.]
* [ José Miguel Carrera Fontecilla] (Chilean revolutionary, 1820-1860)
*Francisco Vargas Fontecilla (Chile's Minister of the Interior and Foreign Affairs, 1867-1868). [Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile.]
*Mariano Sánchez Fontecilla (Chile's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cult and Colonization, 1889-1890 and 1894-1895). [Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile.]
*Aída Laso de Fontecilla (educator and 1932 Guggenheim Fellow). [List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 1932.]
*Ernesto Fontecilla (Chilean artist - 1930s).
*Eduardo Fontecilla (1956 olympic competitor from Chile). [Chile at the 1956 Summer Olympics.]
*Rafael Fontecilla Riquelme (President of Chile's Supreme Court, 1960-1963) [ [ Corte Suprema de Justicia] ]
*Ezequiel Fontecilla (Chilean architect whose famous work includes Templo Parroquial) [ [ Los Andes (Chile)] ]


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