The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures
Also known as The Mouse Adventures (UK)
Genre Animation
Written by Patrick Granleese
Caroline R. Maria
Bruce Robb
Voices of Julie Burroughs
Terrence Scammell
Rick Jones
Holly Gauthier-Frankel
Country of origin France
Language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 52
Running time 23 minutes
Production company(s) CINAR/France Animation
Reader's Digest
Distributor Cookie Jar Group
Original channel HBO for Kids
Audio format Dolby Surround
First shown in 21 September 1997
Original run 1 March 1998 – 27 October 1999

The Country Mouse and the City Mouse Adventures is an animated TV series that aired on HBO from March 1, 1998[1] to early 2001. The show follows the adventures of two mice, Emily and her cousin Alexander, who go on adventures around the world in the early 20th century, usually to stop the evil rat No-Tail No-Goodnik.

The main characters first appeared in HBO's special, The Country Mouse and the City Mouse: A Christmas Tale, in 1993.[1] which was loosely based on classic fable by Aesop.

The original music was composed by James Gelfand.

Direct Source released two DVD volumes of the show on February 27, 2007.

Reruns of the show air on the Cookie Jar Toons block on This TV until September 23, 2011, and weekend mornings in Ireland on RTE Two's The Den, usually at 7:15 a.m. However, all CINAR references in these broadcasts have been replaced by Cookie Jar references.







  • Emily is a female country mouse from the United States and one of the protagonists of the series. She loves skiing when she and Alexander are in Germany and Switzerland. In some foreign countries, she befriends big animals and is allergic to some things like a candle. She wears a red dress with a white apron on it and a straw hat with a red ribbon tied in a bow around it. Occasionally she also carries a light yellow pretty parasol with laces on the end. In the beginning of "Those Amazing Mice in Their Flying Machines", she's shown to wear a yellow scarf tied to hold her hat on her head. She is one of the mice who have been taken by Maggie Magpie to the nest. In "Olympic Mice", she managed to crossdress with a fake mustache in order to be part of the Mouse Olympics. She also knows how to speak donkey according to the episode called "Trinidad Mousequerade".
  • Alexander is a male city mouse from the United States and another protagonist of the series. He sometimes can be described as clumsy. In Iraq, he has been hypnotized by the charmer's pipe. He wears a blue suit and a matching hat with a red bowtie. This outfit has been seen in all episodes, except "White House Mouse" where his outfit is colored tan. He also carries a black umbrella. In the "Mouse-tache Marauder", while trying to get Louis Moustache, he falls in a river and gets a cold.



North American
  • American
    • Annie is a feminine cowmouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She wears a blue dress with cowboy boots and also talks with a Western accent. She's very good at square-dancing as well as tossing lassos. She is based on a cowgirl named Annie Oakley and her only appearance is "Wild West Mice".
    • Archie is a mouse who lives in the White House and is the cousin of Emily and Alexander. He wears a brown suit with a blue bowtie and eyeglasses. His only appearance is "White House Mouse" and he joins his two cousins in their den at the end of this episode.
    • Casey is a baseball playing mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. He wears a red and blue baseball outfit to represent the Boston Sox. His only appearance is "Three Mice and You're Out".
    • Charlotte is an airplane pilot mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She has an ability to build a plane herself. Her only appearance is "High Flying Hi-Jinks".
    • Ernestine is the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She wears a blue dress with a sailor's collar around her neck and a straw hat. Her only appearance is "Frisco Rumble".
    • Josephine is the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She has a Southern accent. She wears a blue dress, a bonnet and an apron. Her only appearance is "World's Fair Mice," and Alexander loves her cooking. She helped create peanut butter.
    • Satchey is the uncle of Emily and Alexander. His only appearance is "Vaudeville Mice" and he wears a dark indigo suit with a matching hat.
    • Sue is a safari exploring mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander when they travel to Africa. She wears a safari uniform in her African adventure.
  • Other
    • Carlos is a Mexican mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander.
    • Mackenzie "Makko" is a Canadian mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She is an arctic explorer and she has done a great deal of exploring and desires to be the first mouse to reach the North Pole. Her only appearance is "North Pole Mice".
  • British
    • Agatha is a female mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She's dressed in pink with a black hat and she wears eyeglasses. Her black purse is dropped as she is taken away by a magpie that's never seen.
    • Lucy is another female mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She serves as a tour guide at the ship.
    • Sherlock is a male mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. Even when he's based on a character called "Sherlock Holmes", he sometimes mistakens Alexander for Watson.
  • French
    • Gaston is one of the male mice and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. He is one of the mice to wear different outfits in different episodes.
    • Monique is a female mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander.
  • German
    • Fritz is the zeppilin driver and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. His only appearance is "Zeppelins Away!".
    • Nina is a toy inventor and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She wears blond pigtail braids on her head and a red apron on her white dress. Her only appearance is "Teddy Bear Mice" and the only toy she makes is plastic cheese (the size of a mouse's hand).
    • Otto is a conductor of the Mouse Orchestra and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. His only appearance is "Strauss Maus".
  • Choi is a Siamese mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She wears an elegant headband on her head with a red dress on her body. Her only appearance is "Solid Gold Mouse".
  • Fumi is a Japanese mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She wears a geisha's updo with hairsticks in the form of a cross on her head, a red kimono with a green fubi on it and a pair of getas on her feet. She also carries a yellow and blue fan in her hand. Her only appearance is "Yen For Trouble".
  • Jaow-Young is a Hong Kong mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. His only appearance is "Hong Kong Mice" and he only desires for winning the Dragon Boat race.
  • Amanda is a New Zealand mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She wears an indigo dress with a pink feathered hat and she has an ability to make women in both types (humans and mice) the right to vote.
  • Angus is a Scottish mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. He wears a traditional hat, a kilt, a pair of socks and a pair of Ghillie brogues. His only appearance is "The Ghost of Castle MacKenzie".
  • Bajay in an Indian mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She wears a black wig with a single braid.
  • Carmen is a Spanish mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She's dressed in red, wears an updo wig and is very good at flamenco dancing.
  • Gemima is an Australian mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She is a tomboy who wears overalls with a wild hat.
  • Heidi is a Swiss mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. Her only appearance is "Swiss Chocolate Mouse".
  • Ivan is a male Russian mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. He's very good at Russian dancing.
  • Janosz is a Hungarian mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. Even with his wretched hat, he does some unusual tricks as a magician.
  • Mario is a male Italian mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. He wears a green and white striped shirt with light blue overalls. His only appearance is "Meatball Mice".
  • Musi is a Balinese mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. Her only appearance is "Solid Gold Mouse".
  • Nanya is a female Russian mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She's a very good ballet expert.
  • Nikos is a Greek mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. He is another mouse to wear different outfits in different episodes.
  • O'Riley is an Irish mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. He wears a green suit and a matching hat with an orange bowtie. His hat has a buckle on the strap and he's been mistaken for a Leprachaun by No-Tail No-Goodnik. His only appearance is "When Irish Mice Are Smiling".
  • Pedro is a Panaman mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander.
  • Simone is a Trinidadian mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She is an addendant of the Mousequerade where she's dressed up like Marie Antoinette. She is very shocked when her necklace is stolen by No-Tail No-Goodnik. Her only appearance is "Trinidad Mousequerade".
  • Sofia is a female Italian mouse and the cousin of Emily and Alexander. She is a really good scholar.


  • Carol is a girl with a long, orange braided ponytail who is friends with Emily and Alexander. She has speckles on her cheeks and wears a white shirt and light blue overalls. She has a father who wears the same color of the shirt with green overalls, a red bandana and a dark blue hat. They both are in the countryside of England working on their own plane and they are not only mechanics, but also a couple of contestants for the flying machine race. As Emily, Alexander and Gaston help them fix the tail of the plane, they manage to win the first place trophy by reaching the Eiffel Tower in the city of Paris.
  • Harriet is an African-American girl who is friends with Josephine, Emily and Alexander. She wears a white shirt, grey vest and red skirt. She is the daughter of George Washington Carver's housekeeper and is his assistant. She discovered sabotage done against his latest peanut invention.
  • Jeanie is a curly redheaded girl who is friends with Emily and Alexander. She wears a green shirt with a sailor's collar around her neck and her skirt is checkered in red and green and has pockets. Her father is a mechanic and she mentions to him that his grandfather is an inventor. Her father has been framed by one of the police guards not recognizing that the robber is pretending to be him. As she gets on the cable car that moves without control, while the mice Emily, Alexander and Ernestine retrieve a bag full of dollar bills, Jeanie tries to wake up the unconscious police officer and tells him that her father is innocent and he believes her just before the cable car crashes near the police station and falls apart.
  • The Police Officer from San Francisco is first seen riding on a bike and using the red megaphone at the same time to warn the citizens of San Francisco that there is an earthquake coming and after he discovers the cable car, he tries to stop the bike and he falls on his belly and passes out in the cable car. He is awakened by a girl named Jeanie.
  • Robert Peary is one of the tourists. He has been found stuck in a ship that's frozen. He also discovers a mouse-sized map that shows the way.
  • Professor Waldo is George Washington Carver's professional rival. He switched labels on Carver's peanut butter and his walnut spread so he would win the ribbon at the St. Louis World's Fair.
  • Slim Jim McCracken is a cowboy, former Rough Rider, and personal trainer for Teddy Roosevelt's children. He lost his horse, Cyclone, to Roosevelt in a bet.
  • Theodore Roosevelt, Jr. is the son of Theodore Roosevelt Sr. who is an expert on horses. In this show, Roosevelt, Jr. is seen as a boy who is friends with Emily and Alexander and also has a big sister named Alice who longs to ride on a horse named Cyclone.
  • Willy is another tourist. He is a boy who is friends with Emily and Alexander in Panama.
  • The Wright brothers, Orville and Wilbur are a duo of inventors and plane flyers.
  • Molly is a girl who is friends with Emily and Alexander. She is curious and she looks like the character from "Alice in Wonderland" with a pink headband on her head.
  • Victoria is the Queen of England. In this animation, her hair is black.
  • Franz Strauss is the son of Richard Strauss. In this show, Franz is seen as a boy who is friends with Emily and Alexander. He has a pet cat named Fusel. He recognizes that his father's assistant has stolen away his music.
  • Heinz is a boy who steals Kristen's stuffed bear after she refuses to sell it to him. He has a cat named Frankfurter.
  • Kristen is a girl who is friends with Emily and Alexander. She is asked to look after a stuffed bear called "Friend Petz" by its creator, Richard Steiff. It becomes popular in America as the Teddy Bear.
  • Christos is a Greek boy who is friends with Emily and Alexander. He is an apprentice sculptor and a big fan of Spyridon Louis.
  • Kiko is a Japanese girl who is friends with Emily and Alexander. She occasionally is a young geisha with an innocent personality and she has a father named Oda-San.
  • Kim is a New Zealand girl who is friends with Emily and Alexander. She has a mother who insists that women will have the right to vote.
  • Melanie Monbrun is a Trinidadian girl who is friends with Emily and Alexander. She is first seen dressed up as an Arabian girl during the party and in the next day, her brown hair has been revealed and she's shown to wear a light yellow blouse with a light brown vest and a purple ankle-length skirt. Even when she was born in there, she has a pretty American accent. Her parents, who are both Trinidadian, own a sugar cane plantation. Her father's name is John and it's hard to know what her mother's name is.
  • Milosz is a Hungarian boy who happens to be Harry Houdini's nephew. He has trained to be a magician like his uncle.
  • Monique is a French girl who is friends with Emily and Alexander. She only wants to be sure that her father's masterpieces stay clean.
  • Rory is an Irish boy who is friends with Emily and Alexander. He lives with his grandfather on a horse farm and dreams of being a jockey.
  • Tuk is an Inuit boy who is friends with Emily and Alexander. He has a husky named Mukluk and his father is a guide for Robert Peary.
  • Yin is a Hong Kong boy who is friends with Emily and Alexander.


  • Ratbone is a Cockney rat who wears an orange coat and a blue hat. He tries to tell the mice that he is innocent. He only appears in "Mystery of the Missing Diamond".
  • The German Police Rats only appear in "Teddy Bear Mice". They want No-Tail No-Goodnik to be captured.
  • The Rat-Citizens of San Francisco only appear in "Frisco Rumble". One of these rats tell the others that an earthquake is coming and they all decide to get away with their baggages until they accidentally break the cables.

Other animals

  • Asura is a tiger who only appears in "To Catch a Tiger By the Tail". She has a cub and because of this, she is considered a mother. Both of them are talkative. They live in India and they're befriended by Emily, the Country Mouse from America. They could be victims of animal poaching.
  • Maggie is a talkitive magpie mistaken for a ghost. She has a British accent and regrets to the mice that she stole a few things like a diamond from the crown of Queen Victoria.
  • Chai-Chai is an elephant owned by a boy named...
  • Cyclone is a light gray horse owned by the Roosevelts. He always wears golden horseshoes despite of No-Tail No-Goodnik trying to steal a couple. It is a bit misunderstading for us to see if he's covered in black paint by someone, but clear to see when his body's washed off with water as he runs away.
  • Rex is a gray dog who saves Emily and Alexander from the sticky bog. He is first seen to get rid of the orange cat.
  • Tobago is a donkey who understands Emily's donkey imitation.
  • Bongo is a bat who only appears in "Diamond Safari" and helps Safari Sue, Emily and Alexander.


  • No-Tail No-Goodnik is a rat thief and the antagonist of the series. He goes to some countries and often uses fake tails when doing his duty like doing disguises. He sometimes causes people to misunderstand children like snatching a sapphire ring in Thailand. In "Teddy Bear Mice", with the efforts of Emily, Alexander and Nina, the German police rats have him arrested for stealing diamonds.
  • Louis Moustache is a rat who was painting moustaches on the paintings in the Louvre out of jealousy. With help and encouragement from Emily, Alexander, Gaston and Monique, he stops his vandalism and opens his own gallery. He only appears in "The Mouse-tache Marauder."
  • Mr. Warner is a greedy landowner who wants to take control of the Monbrun's sugar cane plantation because the land has oil underneath it. He dresses up as the Midnight Marauder and steals sugar cane to try and put them out of business. He only appears in "Trinidad Mousequerade."
  • Herr Karl Rauber is the assistant to Richard Strauss. He is jealous of Strauss' talent and plots to steal his work, replace it with a horrible version and claim the symphony as his own.
  • Gustav, Heidi and Max are three German rats who stole Strauss' music. They do not think too much of him, preferring Richard Wagner.
  • Engel Vansclump is Harry Houdini's rival in the world of escapology. He challenged Houdini to an escapement stunt with his own water prison act, but was thwarted by Houdini's skill. He has a pet ferret named Mitzi.


Season 1

Episode # Title Location Original airdate
1 "The Mouse-tache Marauder" France
2 "Mystery of the Missing Diamond" United Kingdom
The Crown Jewels have been stolen and Emily and Alexander must find them before the Queen make her usual public appearance. 
3 "Strauss Maus" Germany
4 "Those Amazing Mice in Their Flying Machines" England and France
5 "Frisco Rumble" California, United States
6 "To Catch a Tiger by the Tail" India
Sarita takes Emily, Alexander and their Indian cousin Bahjay to the jungle to rescue some captured animals from a poacher called Sam McBean. Asura, a tiger seeks their help to find her lost cub, but is caught by McBean. The mice and Sarita find the cub, release Asura and pursue McBean. 
7 "Mouse-o-taur" Greece
While visiting Crete, Emily and Alexander investigate what appears to be the mythical Minotaur haunting the Labyrinth. 
8 "Adventure on the Orient Express" China
While taking a trip on the Orient Express, Emily and Alexander have to stop a conductor from getting away with a set of jewels from a wealthy woman. 
9 "Swiss Chocolate Mouse" Swizterland
While visiting their cousin Heidi in Switzerland, Emily and Alexander try to stop a duo of thieves who steal all the chocolate at a tasting contest to melt down as a coating for stolen gold coins. 
10 "Mice on Ice" Canada
Emily, Alexander and their cousin Powhuktuk travel a village suffering food shortage and meet twins Katelo and Nuljalik. The mice and the twins make their own trip to follow Tanugeak, braving the dangers along the way. The twins then save Tanugeak from being stranded and find a ship full of food. 
11 "The Great Yeti Adventure" Tibet
Alexander, Emily and their cousin Jamyang go mountain climbing to meet Bhanti. Bhanti's father is helping the evil Marnak to find the legendary Yeti. The mice and Bhanti find the Yeti before Marnak does. The mice and Bhanti then prevent Marnak from showing off the Yeti. 
12 "A Mouse-vellous Treasure Hunt" Mexico
Alexander and Emily meet their cousin Carlos and his friend Maria. Maria's father is seeking the treasure of the sunken San Gallente to pay his debts. The mice and Maria dive down to race greedy Barton to the treasure. Using a makeshift submarine, the mice dispose of Barton and locate the lost treasure. 
13 "Imperial Mice on China" China
It is the year of the Rat. Emily and Alexander meet their cousin Wu-Sing and his friend Emperor Pu-Ying. Notail Nogoodnik has kidnapped the mouse Emperor Fu-Mouse-Chu and is impersonating him to hoard citizens' goods. The mice rescue Fu-Mouse-Chu, unmask Notail and prevent him from pilfering the goods. 
14 "Yen for Trouble" Japan
Emily and Alexander's cousin Fumi introduce them to her friend Kiko, who is having problems with rats stealing her father's silk from his shop. Some silk is due to be taken to the local emperor for his daughter Mitsumi. By accident the mice create for Mitsumi painted silk, perfect for her kimono. 
15 "Mousecovites" Russia
Emily and Alexander rush to their cousin Ivan Ivanich. A number of thefts at the Moscow Circus is about to make both that circus and the Mousecovite Circus close down. The mice find out that Ivan's friend Sasha is forced by the ringmaster to commit the thefts. The mice and Sasha lead the ringmaster to the police inspector. 
16 "Vaudeville Mice" New York, United States
Emily and Alexander see their uncle Satchey. The Oxodrome Theatre is losing business and the singing talent of Satchey's friend Benny is getting nowhere. In addition, saboteurs kidnap Benny's father Harry. The mice and Benny follow them and manage to thwart them from robbing and bank and rescue both Harry and the theatre. 
17 "Outback Down Under (aka Down Under)" Australia
Alexander and Emily make their way to a farm with their cousin Gemima. Their friend Amy runs away with her horse Nicholas thinking her father is replacing the horse with an automobile. The mice with the help of Blister follow Amy and rescue her from a pack of dingoes with the aid of Uncle Arthur. Then they proceed to rescue Amy's parents from the desert. 
18 "Zeppelins Away!" Germany
Alexander and Emily visit their cousin Fritz and his friend Leni. Leni takes the mice to ride her grandfather Count Zeppelin's new airship invention. The airship works fine, but the count's assistant Zsolt steals the plans and destroys both airships, everyone else managing to escape safely from the latter. 
19 "The Mystery of the Mouse Pharaoh's Tomb" Egypt
20 "The Ghost of Castle MacKenzie" Scotland
Emily and Alexander go with their cousin Angus to Castle Mackenzie where ghosts and a treasure are around. The Mackenzies are on the verge of moving out their castle, while Notail Nogoodnik joins the MacRats. The mice find the treasure and the feud between the castle clans ends. 
21 "No Mouse is an Island" Galapagos Islands
Alexander, Emily, their cousin Sanjo and their friend Paulo are caught in a storm and taken by pirates, seeking Big Jim Tin's treasure. As Paulo assists the pirates to find the it, the mice ride after them. With the help of a tortoise the mice, get the treasure, save Paulo and scare away the pirates. 
22 "Diamond Safari" Africa
Cousin Sue takes Alexander and Emily to see her friend Tumaini, who is mocked for being tall. A greedy diamond miner DeClerk is intent on blasting Dark Mountain, where Tumaini has run off to. With help from a bat name Bungo, the mice rescue Tumaini and all together they put a stop to DeClerk. 
23 "Arabian Tales" Iraq
Alexander, Emily, their cousin Siri and her friend Faisal are desperate for water, but Faisal's hypnosis on Alexander causes him to steal the other camp's water and point the finger on Faisal. The mice and Faisal follow an ancient trail to the Babylonian hanging gardens where water is plentiful. 
24 "Klondike Mice" Canada
Emily and Alexander visit their cousin Ned and his friend Danny in the middle of the Gold Rush. Ned and Danny have some of their own gold hunting to do, but are both conned by Soapy Smith and Notail Nogoodnik. Danny and the mice follow them and befriend a bear cub. Together they stop the con men and find their gold sources. 
25 "All I want for Christmouse" Finland
A Scrooge-esque villain steals Santa's reindeer in an effort to ruin Christmas so that people would buy his toys. 
26 "Matador Mice" Spain
While visiting their cousin Carmen, Emily and Alexander have to help a little girl save her father from the dangerous bullfightings as well as save her gentle bull from competing. 

Season 2

Episode # Title Location Original airdate
27 "Bicycle Mice" France
While visiting their cousin Gaston, Emily and Alexander get wound up in a bicycle race across France and having to deal with a greedy banker who wants Gaston's friend vineyard and Notail Nogoodnik who has stolen Gaston's experimental bike, both willing to use treachery and sabotage to get what they want. 
28 "Ballet Mice" Russia
29 "Mouse in the Mayan Moon" Mexico
30 "Meatball Mice" Italy
Emily and Alexander help an friend win a cooking contest. 
31 "Jungle Mice" ?
32 "POSH Mice" Atlantic Ocean
While on a cruise ship to America, Emily and Alexander must stop a greedy steward from cheating a boy and his father out of their money and immigration papers, to make them out to be stowaways. 
33 "Marconi Mice" Canada
Emily and Alexander must help ensure that the first wireless telegraph goes smoothly with the inventor's assistant secretly sabotaging the effort, feeling that his boss didn't give him enough credit. 
34 "Cinematic Mice" France
35 "Sherlock Mouse" United Kingdom
36 "Solid Gold Mouse" Bali
37 "Panama Mouse" Panama
38 "Three Mice and You're Out" Massachusetts, United States
39 "Wild West Mice" New York, United States
Emily and Alexander go to watch Buffalo Bill's Wild West, where they meet their cousin Annie. Buffalo Bill's medal of honour get mysteriously stolen. Emily, Alexander and Annie follow a trail to Monterey Jack (actually No-Tail Nogoodnik) and Annie challenges him to get the medal back. 

Season 3

Episode # Title Location Original airdate
40 "White House Mouse" Washington, D.C., United States
41 "Houdini Mouse" Hungary
Harry Houdini's act are secretly being sabotaged by a rival, who is determined to make sure that Houdini doesn't get out of his stunts alive. 
42 "The Big Cheese" The Netherlands
43 "World's Fair Mice" St. Louis, United States
44 "Hong Kong Mice" Hong Kong
45 "High Flying Hi-Jinks" North Carolina, United States
46 "Siamese Mice" Thailand
47 "New Zealand Mice" New Zealand
Emily and Alexander decide to help out the women of New Zealand gain their right to vote. The only problem is that the only man left to give his vote is the chief of the native tribes deep in the jungle and the polls are closing fast. 
48 "When Irish Mice Are Smiling" Ireland
49 "Teddy Bear Mice" Germany
50 "Olympic Mice" Greece
51 "North Pole Mice" Canada
52 "Trinidad Mousequerade" Trinidad and Tobago

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