ASE Market Capitalization Weighted Index

The ASE Market Capitalization Weighted Index is a stock index of the Amman Stock Exchange in Jordan. The ASE Weighted Index is one of two principal stock indices on the exchange, the other being the ASE Unweighted Price Index.

The ASE Unweighted Index was created in 1980 and was very successful. The ASE went on to created a weighted index in 1992. The weighted index, whose constituents are listed below, attaches a value to each stock price based on the total market capitalisation of each stock; that is, the total amount of money the stock is worth on the stock market. The Unweighted Index calculates an index value based on the price alone.

Index listings

Both the weighted and unweighted indices use the same list of stocks. The constituents of the ASE indices are evaluated each year. The 70 stocks listed here are the 2007 version of the index. They are categorized by sector: banking sector, insurance sector, service sector and industrial sector. The lists are alphabetized by stock symbol.

Banking sector

Industrial sector

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