Chord (software)

Developer(s) Martin Leclerc, Mario Dorion
Stable release 3.5 / 1994 April
Operating system Cross-platform
Type staffless lead sheet typesetting
License GPL

Chord is software for creating staffless lead sheets (also known as chord charts) in PostScript format. Chord was developed by Martin Leclerc and Mario Dorion. This project has been inactive for several years. It was forked in 2007 to a project called Chordii (pronounced as chord-ee-ee)[1].



  • command-line interface
  • generates fingering diagrams for guitar
  • ChoPro/Chordpro plain text file format
  • automated chord transposition
  • customizable font sizes
  • multiple columns per page
  • multiple logical pages per physical page
  • songbook creation: typeset multiple songs with page numbers and a table of contents

Example Code

{title:Wonderful Time}
{subtitle:Words and Music (C) 2007 Adam Monsen}

[C]Every[G]body, [F]let's have a wonderful time,
[C]Take it [G]slowly, [F]while you're feelin' fine
[C]One strange [E7]day shouldn't [F]take you by surprise
[C]But all right, [G]hey hey, [F]hey hey

[C]Ahhh [Am]ahhh [G]ahhh
[C]Ahhh [Am]ahhh [G]ahhh

[F]Wonderful [C]time

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On October 25, 2007, Chord was forked since development had been stalled for at least ten years. The new project has been named Chordii and is still under active development.

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