The Big Talker

Infobox Television episode
Title = The Big Talker
Series = Garfield and Friends

Caption =
Season = 2
Episode = 93
Airdate = November 18, 1989
Production = G031-C
Writer = Mark Evanier
Sharman DiVono
Director = Tom Ray
Karen Peterson
Jeff Hall
Tom Tataranowicz
Guests = Stanley Ralph Ross as Joe Palaver
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Prev = Nothing to Be Afraid of
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"The Big Talker" is an episode of "Garfield and Friends". It originally aired on November 18, 1989.

Episode recap

Jon attempts to watch television until Garfield gets Odie to pull the television close to "him" so that he doesn’t have to walk over to it. Jon begins to scold Garfield until they see Joe Palaver’s talk show, where he says that not only are cats lazy and good-for-nothing, but that he couldn’t find anyone to come onto his show to defend cats. Garfield pushes Jon out the door to do just that, but Jon refuses because Joe is known as such a rude host.

Jon and Garfield soon end up at the talk show anyway, and Garfield cheers Jon on while the rest of the audience boos. After Garfield comes on stage and fails to prove his worth, Joe sends Jon and him out of the studio via a trap door. Jon decides to forget the whole thing ever happened, while Garfield is determined to get Joe to change his mind about cats.

While Joe is getting his makeup done, Garfield overhears him talking to his artist and soon learns that he is superstitious. Garfield then paints himself black to pose as a black cat; then he walks past Joe. Joe then thinks he has bad luck, so he runs off to find his good luck charms. After he slips on a wet floor (caused by Garfield), he then goes to a chest and intends to pull out a rabbit's foot, only to pull out Garfield instead. He then tries to escape Garfield without luck, and when his next show starts, Joe apologizes about his earlier show and says good things about cats. His audience disagrees; then Garfield sends him out the trap door.

Outside the studio, Garfield approaches Joe again, who then runs away. Garfield then decides to wash off the black paint so people won’t be afraid of him, but before he does, a pizza delivery boy sees him and runs away, leaving the pizza behind. Garfield begins eating the pizza and then concludes that being a black cat has advantages.


*Shows Jon looks at in the television guide include "Name That Fish, Rick Deltoid’s Workout" and "It Must Be True", which are references to The Binky Show, Health Feud and It Must Be True!, respectively.


Joe Palaver: Does your cat do any tricks, Arbuckle?

Jon: Well, no…

Joe: Does your cat do any "chores?"

Jon: Well, no…

Joe: Does your cat, in fact, do "any"thing?

Jon: Uh…not really.

Garfield: Jon didn’t tell me he was going to tell the "truth."

Jon: Garfield, I know how you feel about this man, and I’ve decided what I have to do!

Garfield: I "knew" I could count on you.

Jon: I’m going to go "home"…and forget about it.

Garfield: I "knew" that’s what I could count on you to do.

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