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Berhampur which is now Brahmapur, nicknamed "The Silk City", is a city located in the eastern coastline of Ganjam district of the Indian state of Orissa. It is one of the oldest and largest cities of Orissa. It is famous for its silk, its temples and its culture. The latest estimate of the population of the city is 307,724 (2001 census) making it the third most populous urban area in the state and 113th overall in India.


The city's Sanskrit name which is still in use is Brahmapur. This has been diluted in to Berhampur in British India but now been rechristined "Brahmapur"officially.


Brahmapur is the primary railhead for nearby tourist destinations. It serves as a node for the nearby small towns and villages, so trade is predominant. A majority of the people are self-employed in various businesses of different scales. Brahmapur is well known for its intricately designed silk sarees, handloom cloth and Jewellery shops. It is also known as the "Silk City".


Berhampur is located at coord|19.32|N|84.78|E| [ [ Falling Rain Genomics, Inc - Berhampur] ] . It has an average elevation of m to ft|27|m|abbr=on.


As of 2001 India census [GR|India] , Berhampur City had a population of 307,724 with the population of Greater Berhampur region consisting of Chatrapur and Gopalapur reaching more than 4 Lakhs. Males constitute 52% of the population and females 48%. Berhampur has an average literacy rate of 74%, higher than the national average of 59.5%; with male literacy of 83% and female literacy of 64%. 11% of the population is under 6 years of age.


One of the oldest and most prominent place in between north Andhra Pradesh and Cuttack, Berhampur boasts of true Oriya speaking, hindu culture. In British period, this used to be part of the Madras Presidency. The prominence can be gauged from the fact that a Courts existed here since the beginning of British style of Judiciary System. After Vizianagaram, the next Court was in this town only.

The oldest Municipal School, separate Girls High School, City School were probably among the oldest schools in India. Prominent lawyers like G L Narasimham, Rajaguru, GL Jagannadham, etc., are still considered prominent legal experts by the lawyers in and around Orissa, AP, etc.,

Lifestyle of the people is laid back, with modernity limited to youngsters of the town. Youngsters of town normally spend most of the time in pursúing different careers like Engineering and Medical.

It is a city of passionate cine-goers, famous for huge cinema theater complexes. Some of the most famous movie theaters include Gautam, Rukmini, Shiva, Shakti, Payal and Paramjyoti. SSVT Picture Palace is one of the oldest cinemas in entire India, set up in the year 1923 (Unfortunately, due to family troubles, this has been closed down). Jyoti Pandal and Vijaya Cinema are as old as any other old theatres in India. The city being multilingual, features cinemas in various languages including Oriya,Telugu, and Hindi. The Bramhapurites are very broad-minded and sometimes feel proud to be residing in a multi-lingual city.

Theatre has been very prominent in the early days of 1930 and were the main source of entertainment till the advent of motion pictures. Since then, theatre and drama have become cultural events and Ganjam Parishad, Prakasam Hall are the oldest drama-halls in India. Education, literature, etc., used to be the main strength of this town.

Oriya culture is prominent in this southern city of Orissa since ancient time.As this region was merged with Madras Presidency in British era,large number of South Indians(mostly telugu and tamil) here employed in different dept. of British Govt.The culture of this city is a mixture of East India and South India.


Indulging in fast food is a part of the Berhampur lifestyle. Some of the well known restaurants are The Fun & Food Village, Girija Restaurant, Hotel Moti, Parijat, Kamas Inn, City Palace, Mayurya Hotel, Merrydine, Hotel Nandan(Only Veg.) and Jyoti Residency. However, the mother of all these hotels is Shanthi Bhavan, the oldest and one of the best food serving, probably in the whole India, Hotel. There are a numerous dhabas located in the outskirts of the city, the best of them being Billu Dhaba and Ganjam Dhaba and Konisi Dhaba, lined along the National Highway 5. The breakfast is another interesting phenomenon here, A majority of people eat their breakfast outside their homes. There are numerous small eateries located along the length and breadth of the city that serve typical, lip-smacking food for breakfast, which is an interesting mix of the Orissan and South Indian food styles. In the evening people like to enjoy fast food like Soup, Noodles, & Egg-chicken Rolls.

"Chicken Pakoras" of Girija restaurant which is located in the heart of the city (on Girija Square) is the main attraction. It is one of the oldest restaurants in the city. One could also try its Chicken Kurma and of course the Caramel Pudding. If its summer, one should try the "Local Lassi" from any of the stalls/small shops along the main roads.

Rolls from Calcutta Roll Counter, Biryani from New Biryani centre, Chicken Tikka from Hotel Moti, Italian Ice Creams from Softy Zone, Fruit Salad from Murty Cool Sip, Fresh Fruit Juices from Vizag Fruit Juice Centre are worth trying. However, the best of all are: combination of Puri with Upma, Masala Dosa.


Personal means of transport include bicycles, two wheelers and cars. Paid means include rickshaws, matador minivans, trekkers, private buses and autorickshaws.

People generally stay in independent houses. Lately, several multi-storied apartment complexes are mushrooming up in the city.

Taratarini Pustakalaya is the oldest book store in Berhampur, established in 1933.

Each year book fairs are organised which are received by a lot of response.


* Sree Abhiramparamhansa Temple
* Mausimaa Temple
* Upper Bagh Devi Temple
* Thakurani Temple
* Bada Jaganath Temple
* Neelakantheswar Temple
* Uttareswar Temple
* Tara Tarini Temple
* Hari Hara Bheta Temple
* Lord Venkateswar Temple
* Sri Sri Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari Mandira
* Sri Satya Sai Baba Mandira
* Sri Veera Brahmendra Mandira
* Sri Kusuma Haranath Mandira
* Sri Shiridi Sai Baba Temple
* Venkatramana Temple
* Kalki Bhagwan Temple
* Sri Pataleshwar Temple
* Subudhi Beda Temple
* SRI SRI Radheshyam Sunder Temple
* Sri Santoshi Ma Temple
* Maa Kalua Temple
* Trimurthy Temple
* Kedareswar Temple
* Sri Satyanarayan Temple
* TaraTarini Temple
* Maa Vairavi Temple
* Maa Syamalai Temple
* Sri Kasi viswanath temple


Government/Society owned hospitals in Berhampur:
* MKCG Medical College and Hospital, which is a full fledged Medical College and Hospital and one of the three Government Medical Colleges in Orissa.
* City Hospital
* Janana Hospital
* Red Cross Hospital

Private hospitals:
* Berhampur Nursing Home (Naidu Hospital).
* Meenakshi Hospital is one of the oldest and well known hospitals in Berhampur.
* Konark Nursing Home is one of the famous hospitals in the Old Berhampur Area
* Narayan Jeevan Daan Hospital.
* Narayan Eye Clinic
* Amit Hospital.
* Aeshrat nursing home.
* Lalita Maternity & Nursing Home.
* Sree Ortho Clinic, Gandhi Nagar.
* Giri Clinic At Giri Road
* Sudhir Heart Clinic, Main Road, Dharma Nagar

* Escorts Diagnostics and Research Centre.
* Nidan.
* Sahara Diagnostics
* Rohini Diagnostics

Not to be left behind in the medicine sector, there is Janata Bhandar Medicine Shop, a very old retail store providing all types of medicines to the people.


* Municipal High School, Old Berhampur
* Kendriya Vidyalaya, Berhampur
* Aadarsh Mauliko Prathomiko Vidyalaya, Next to Utkal Talkies, Old Berhampur
* St. Xavier's High School:Senior Secondary
* Government High School - MKCG Medical Campus
* St Vincent's Convent School
* Harobino Vidya Bhavan
* Sri Aurobindo Integral Education Center
* Matrusree Anglo Vedic School
* De Paul School
* Queen Mission High School
* K.C High School
* K.C.Town High School
* City High School
* Chacha Nehru School
* Govt Girls High School
* Saraswati Sisu Vidya Mandir
* D.A.V. Public School
* S.L.N.M.M High School
* Binayak Acharya Smruti Memorial Municipal High School
* Swami viveka nanda vidya mandir,Berhampur
* Vidya bhavan.
* Sri Satya Sai Vidya mandir


General Stream
* Berhampur University, Bhanja Bihar
* Khallikote Autonomous College
* Binayak Acharya College
* Supriya Junior College
* Women's College, Berhampur
* Mahamayi College
* City College
* Sanskrit Degree College
* Vidya science college.
* Saraswati vidya mandir,Berhampur

Professional Stream
* MKCG Medical College and Hospital (Medical)
* Royal College Of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Andhapasara Road, [Pharmacy]

* National Institute of Science and Technology(Engineering)
* Roland Institute of Technology, Surya Vihar(Engineering)
* Sanjay Memorial Institute of Technology (Engineering)
* Roland Institute Of Pharmaceutical Sciences Khodasinghi [Pharmacy]
* College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mohuda (Pharmacy)
* U.C.P.Engineering School
* Science College Hinjilicut
* WomenS College Hinjilicut

Movie Theaters

* Gautam
* Utkal
* Rukmani
* Paramjoyti
* Siva
* Shakti
* Payal

IT Organisations

Many state level software companies set up their centres here, as Berhampur offers opportunities associated with Grade II & Grade III cities for BPO and software companies. The Delhi-based IT company Perfect Infotech has operations here.The third Software park (STPI) of the state is being built at Berhampur.

Due to its moderate climate and technical education infrastructure base it may become a leading IT and ITES destination of Eastern India.

Berhampur University and NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) offer courses to meet the growing software industry's requirements.

Eminent Personalities

* V.V. Giri-Former President of India
* Binayak Acharya (former chief minister of Orissa)


* Bi-Annual Thakurani Jaatara - The Festival of the Goddess.

The city is agog with activities to welcome goddess Budhi Thakurani to her temporary abode for the biennial Thakurani Jatra festival at late night .The hereditary head of the festival, who is also regarded as the head of the weaver Dera community of the city, Desibehera dressed in his traditional attire reached the Budhi Thakurani temple to invite the goddess to her parental abode at his home on Saturday afternoon. His wife also accompanied him as per the tradition. They also offered ritualistic offerings at the Kalika temple. Changudi pujaRituals to welcome the deity for the festival started at the temporary temple built at Desibehera street from evening with the `Changudi Puja'. After rituals, flowers would be carried from Desibehera's house to the Budhi Thakurani temple in this special basket called `Changudi'. Special rituals After offering these flowers to the deity, special rituals would be conducted at the temple that would continue till some of these offered flowers fall down from the deity. These fallen flowers would be carried as representative of the deity to Desibehera street in a large decorated procession at late night. A special police outpost for Thakurani Jatra was opened up at Desibehera street .

* City market area

* Gopalpur beachGopalpur is a unique beach and was discovered as a perfect winter resortmany decades ago. Located at a distance of 16-km from Berhampur in Orissa,Gopalpur on Sea is one of the appealing beach along side the eastern coastline of India. Not very crowded like the Goa or Kerala Beach fronts,this pristine small beach of Orissa is a retreat for the sun, sea and sand lovers. At one time this place was a busy seaport, but today it offers its visitorsa peaceful atmosphere that is most favourable for a relaxing break.The beach still displays the crumbling walls and pillars of the jetty,reminding to its past glory of commercial activity. The beach continues to draw the beach worshipers for its delightful surf and excellent sailing options.

* Dhabaleshwar beachDhabaleswar is a quiet, beautiful, beach close to Gopalpur beach, overlooking the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal, in Orissa. Facilities for surfing, sailing, and sun-bathing are available on this fascinating site.The famous pilgrim center, Dhabaleswar, with its sand-bleached Shiva temple and the Dhabaleswar Island are nearby attractions

* The Chatrapur Port Area

* Maa Bhairavi Temple

The place is named after the presiding deity Goddess Bhairabee at remote village ‘ Mantridi’. Carved in crude fashion, the Icon (one legged Goddess with four hands) was explored by a ploughed and was enshrined as such in a newly adorned temple in the year 1937. According to legend, fisherman and sailors used to worship the deity for blessings before commencement of their journey. Bhairabee now a day has become an important Sakti Pitha Venerable for the valorous seafaring by the fisherman community who lives in near by villages. Tourists from almost all parts of southern Orissa as well as northern Andhra Pradesh visit this holy shrine every day. The important dates with the deity are the Sankranties of Hindu Calendar, and all Tuesdays

* Tara Tarini Temple

It is situated on Taratirini hill near Purusottampur which is at a distance of 35 km. from Berhampur. Twin Goddess Tara and tarini are worshiped in the temple on the top of a hill. River Rushikulya flows at the foot of the hill. The shrine draws huge crowd throughout the year especially on every Tuesday in the month of Chaitra.The place is well connected by regular bus service from Berhampur.

* Taptapani

Taptapani, as the name suggests, is famous for its hot springs. Nestled at about convert|1800|ft|m above Mean Sea Level, this spot is only 56 kilometers away from Behrampore (or Brahmapur as the locals call it), the nearest rail station. You can board a bus bound for Raigada and alight at the Tattapani Panthanivas (OTDC-Guesthouse), or else you can hire a car which will take around Rs. 800/- to drop you at Taptapani. You can retain it for a higher fee so that it can take you to Chandragiri the next day before dropping you back at Behrampore.

The sprawling Panthanivas, is the only shelter for tourists at Taptapani. The two AC suits (Rs.500 - 700, depending on the season) have a common balcony and each has a huge bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom containing a small swimming pool fed by the warm water from the hot springs. The cozy lukewarm water sooths your body and soul. “Bathing is believing”, the manager asserted.

The cottages have another attraction. They overlook a pristine valley replete with various shades of green. Anyone can leisurely spend hours sitting here. The Dining Hall is strategically placed in between two crests of mountain fold. You get an eerie feeling amid buzzing crickets in the evening. A few minutes walk from here will take you to Kandimata Mandir where the locals take a bath in the spring before offering their daily prayers. There is also a deer park maintained by the forest department, which adds another feather to Taptapani’s cap.

* Mohuri kalua

Visitors usually negotiate the site while traveling on the road that connects Berhampur with Western Orissa. As and when the urban people of Ganjam are browned of an inclement atmosphere, generally, opt to visit Goddess Mahurikalua, Having a shapely visage, smeared with red Leo and decorated peacock tails. This picnic spot of unrivalled ambience of seclusion allures good number of tourists.

* Bala kumariWhen modern map gets peevish amid population explosion, among and strident sound, at the time a hill top, a secluded votive structure, native entourage have a definite prim in bringing out a psychological change, this man does not hesitate to take a granting steps, leaving behind all temporal trash. The temple of Balakumari, after an ascension of 1240 steps with all these necessary features provides unostentatious rejoinder. The temple reigned by Goddess Durga is frequented by people of many parts of Southern Orissa (Chikiti)and near areas of Andhra Pradesh.

* Chilika

Nestling in the heart of coastal Orissa, Chilika is India’s biggest inland lake.Spread over 1,100 square kilometers stretching across the length of the three districts of Puri, Khurdha and Ganjam and finally joins the Bay of Bengal through narrow mouth, forming an enormous lagoon of brackish water.Dotted with many emerald green islands with colourful names such as Honeymoon Island and Breakfast Island, Chilika is home to a rich variety of aquatic fauna. It is also a sanctuary and winter resort for migratory birds, some coming from as far as Siberia.

* Biranchi Narayan

Buguda is a small town in Ghumusar Sub-Division of Ganjam district. It is famous for the temple of Biranchinarayan. The temple was built by king Srikara Bhanja who ascended the throne of Ghumusar in 1790 A.D. The image of God Biranchinarayan which is installed in the sanctum of the temple was recovered from the ruins of Malatigarh. About the finding of the status Sewell in his Ghumusar Report has stated that once a heredboy, while tending cattle, struck his foot against a plate of metal at the foot of the hill. Consequently the villagers dug up the portion and unearthed a lifesize image of Suryanarayan which was carried to Buguda where it was consecrated in a new temple. The temple subsequently came to be known as Biranchinarayan. The temple is built in the form of a chariot driven by seven horses. The temple is conspicuous for its remarkable wood carvings and wall paintings. The wood carvings are noticed on the ceiling of the Mandap and on the jambs of the entrance door way as well. At the other end of the main road facing the temple of Biranchinarayan is a temple dedicated to Lord Jagannath. The temple is built in such a manner that the devotees can see the arati of both the temples at the same time from any of these two places

* Kulada

Kulada is famous for Goddess Bagh Devi which is the presiding deity, Kulad is said to be birth place of great Oriya Poet Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja. It is situated to the north west of Ganjam District with a ruin fort, river Mahanadi flowing in the east and dense forest in the west side of the ruined fort. Legend speaks that during 12th century a Bhanja ruler had joined hands with a tribal leader’ KULA’ to be eradicating the foreign invasion. Seeing the danger from the tribe he stained the tribal leader KULA and on the same place, constructed a fort which was later known as Kulad / Kulargad. The original temple is at the top of the hill known as Upper Bagh Devi with 210 steps. Upendra Bhanja spent his term in meditation at this place. As the steps are yet to be made and the route is very tough for climbing another temple of Goddess Bagh Devi has been constructed near the road where people in large number gather to worship. Kulad has many other temples also. The other important temples of Kulad are Temple of Lord Jagannath, Mausimaa temple, Ratneswar Mahadev temple etc.

* Panchama

Panchama is a small village famous for the temple of Panchama Ganesh or Siddha Binayaka as it is locally known. Tradition says that the Gajapati King Purushottamadeva (15 century) on hid easy to his conquest of Kanchi recovered the image in the hallow of two trees of Vara and Aswastha and paid his homage to the image after its consecration. Since then the place is sanctified and has become an important centre of Ganapataya worship, preserving the great tradition of Panchadevata worship of Orissa.

* Narayani

The scenic splendor of Narayani on the lap of the celebrated Vallery Mountain is a famous place in the eastern ghats. It’sromantic setting with a perennial spring and green mango groves attracts a good number of visitors every day. The holy shrine of Goddess Narayani (Durga) with six hands is a great attraction for the devotees and picnicker’s

* Potagarh

Potagarh is a historical place which was built by Britishers in the 18th Century. Situated close to river Rusikulya, the fort is surrounded by a moat. The remnants of majestic fort houses and a buried tunnel specks, the melody of glorious past of Ganjam city, which was cursed by a dreadful epidemic plague in the year 1815 AD. The place attracts students, scholars and history lovers due to its best geographical location close to the confluence of location close to the confluence of river Rusikulya with Bay of Bengal, it is often opted as a picnic spot too.

* Ujaleswar

Situated at a distance of 19 km from Digapahandi and 45 km from Berhampur, near Ghodahada Dam. One would aptly cherish for visiting a monument with rare and quaint features. The shrine of Ujjaleswar has been developed from a cave temple, on a hillock which is approachable by steps. A huge stone shadowing the deity forms the back side of the temple, which has been also chiseled to steps for facilitating a circumambulating around the shrine. Before reaching the unctuous site, one would come across the pleasing surrounding of Ghodahada Dam, which has submerged a fort named Vijayanagar and its temple. The reservoir provides silence to a heard of elephants, crocodiles and pythons and sub-soil water for Horticulture farm of tube rose. However rollicking monkeys, deer park, a pond with lotus flowers, an age old Banyan tree testing one’s unfeigned devotion and unfurled natural back drop verdant the sanctity of Ujjeleswar

* Aryapalli

32 km from Berhampur and 8 km from Chhatrapur, the district headquarters of Ganjam, the beach at Aryapalli is quiet and charming where the waves talk. Its bracing and invigorating climate adds freshness to the soul. A nature loving tourist can enjoy the sun-sand-surf among the green casuarina plantations

* Mahendragiri.

Amidst rich scenic beauty of the evergreen forests, Mahendragiri, convert|5000|ft|m high, stands in its unrivalled glory in the Parlakhemundi subdivision of the district of Gajapati.The hill is associated with mythological stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. It finds mention in the works of poets Kalidas and Radhanath Ray. The rivulet Mahendra Tanaya flows down the hill with her usual trickling note. Archaeological remains at Mahendragiri make an interesting study for the scholars. Sivaratri is the main festival here which draws a large crowd.Mahendragiri can be approached from Parlakhemundi which is frequented with bus service from Berhampur (125 km) via N.H. No. 5 or via Taptapani and R. Udayagiri (176 km). One can go from Parlakhemundi to Kainpur (46 km) by bus and then to Burkhat pass (5 km) by jeep and finally proceed to the Mahendragiri hill (10 km) on foot.

* Sonepur

On the Orissa- Andhra Pardesh border there is a Beach along the river Bahuda which divides the sea from the main land at Sonepur. Pati Sonepur is the name of the Beach at the other side which is famous for its virginity, colourful water and loneliness.


Current MLA from Berhampur Assembly Constituency is Dr. Ramesh Chandra Chau Patnaik of BJD, who won the seat in State elections of 2004 and in 2000 and also as JD candidate in 1995. Previous MLAs from this seat include Binayak Mahapatra of JD who won this seat in 1990, Sibasankar Sahani of INC in 1985, Krushna Charan Patnaik of INC(I) in 1980, and Ratnamanjari Debi as an independent candidate in 1977. [cite web
url =
title = State Elections 2004 - Partywise Comparision for 75-Berhampur Constituency of ORISSA
publisher = Election Commission of India
accessdate = 2008-09-25

Berhampur is part of Berhampur (Lok Sabha constituency). [cite web
url =
title = Assembly Constituencies - Corresponding Districts and Parliamentary Constituencies of Orissa
publisher = Election Commission of India
accessdate = 2008-09-25


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* Berhampur (Lok Sabha constituency)

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