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The British Society for Plant Pathology, or BSPP, is a UK based organisation of British plant pathologists but accepts members from all countries. It was founded in 1981 and publishes three scientific journals: Plant Pathology, Molecular Plant Pathology and New Disease Reports.

The organisation actively tries to encourage its younger members to participate. Each year an award is given out each year for the best student paper published in one of societies journals. The PH Gregory prize is awarded to the best presenter of an oral paper at the annual presidential meeting.

Like other organisations of its type it arranges conferences and also awards various scholarships and fellowships.

The current President is Professor Graham Jellis.


* [ - Official Website]
* [ - BSPP Meetings Website]
* [ - Plant Pathology journal]
* [ - Molecular Plant Pathology Journal]
* [ - New Disease Reports]

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