Tactical Imagery-Intelligence Wing

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dates= Apr 2002 -

Tactical Imagery-Intelligence Wing (TIW) is a 1 Group 'Force Element', based at RAF Marham.

TIW is responsible for the processing and exploitation of fast-jet electro-opticalimagery, on deployed operations, exercises and routine training. The fast-jet imagery comes from the Raptor pod on the Tornado GR4 and the Digital Joint Reconnaissance Pod on the Jaguar, Harrier or Tornado GR4. TIW is also responsible for providing specialist training of all Imagery Analysts within 1 Group.

TIW formed in April 2002 from II (AC), XIII and 39 (1 PRU) Sqn RICs (Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre). No. 41(F) Sqn RIC became part of TIW in April 2003. The formal grouping of what were previously four separate RICs brings benefits in ensuring a more coherent approach against a common set of standards.

Traditionally, TIW was considered to be part of the role known as tactical reconnaissance or 'tac recce'. As traditional tasking and reporting has evolved to provide a much broader, more complex and often more dynamic set of questions to - and range of products from - TIW, the term 'Combat-aircraft ISTAR' (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target-Acquisition and Reconnaissance) much better describes the role of TIW and the aircraft that collect the imagery.


* [http://www.raf.mod.uk/rafmarham/aboutus/tacticalimageryintelligencewing.cfm Tactical Imagery-Intelligence Wing on the RAF Marham website]

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