List of SR Merchant Navy Class locomotives

The SR Merchant Navy Class is a type of steam locomotive, designed by Oliver Bulleid, that ran on the British Southern Railway network. The following table sets out the names, numbers and other vital statistics of the locomotives that comprised the class. The 'Merchant Navies' represented a publicity success for the Southern Railway in highlighting the names of Merchant Navy shipping lines that used Southampton Docks, which were served by the Southern Railway. They also constituted a roving memorial to the seamen who fought at sea during the Second World War to keep Britain supplied with food, fuel and other goods.

"Please note: the shipping lines below are linked to their current or last owners, and take into account the many mergers that occur in the Merchant Marine industry, for example, General Steam Navigation merged with P & O in 1920, and finally disappeared as a separate entity in 1972."

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* Colne Valley Railway
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* SR Merchant Navy Class 35006 Peninsular & Oriental S. N. Co.
* SR Merchant Navy Class 35009 Shaw Savill
* SR Merchant Navy Class 35027 Port Line
* SR Merchant Navy Class 35028 Clan Line

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