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company_name = CARRIERS-interconnect
company_type = Limited Liability Company
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foundation = 1996
location = Madrid, Spain
key_people = Mike Winder, President
Daniel Kumpel, CEO
J. A. Conde, General Manager
industry = Telecommunications
products = Software
revenue =
operating_income =
net_income =
num_employees =
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homepage = [ CARRIERS-interconnect]
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CARRIERS-interconnect is the sister company of Grupo SMS created to allow worldwide telecommunications companies to obtain total control of their domestic and international wholesale traffic business and maximize profit from their commercial agreements. It evolved from a joint venture between Price Waterhouse and Grupo SMS to provide an interconnection solution for Telecom Italia in 1996 at Entel Bolivia.

Nowadays, CARRIERS-interconnect offers products designed to provide solutions to meet the needs of carriers in the control of local and international wholesale traffic, Least Cost Routing and Billing.

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