List of Oh Yeah! Cartoons episodes

This is a complete episode list for Nickelodeon's animation showcase "Oh Yeah! Cartoons".

In its full run, the "Oh Yeah!" half-hour featured and produced over 99 cartoons and 54 characters.

As of this writing, the current rebroadcast of the show on Nicktoons Network does not show all of the episodes. The episodes not currently being shown in this rebroadcast will be marked with an asterisk [*] .

Oh Yeah! Cartoons Series

Season 1 (1998-1999): hosted by various school kids

* Episode 1A: ChalkZone "(later became its own series)"
* Episode 1B: Slap T. Pooch in: What is Funny?
* Episode 1C: Jelly's Day
* Episode 2A: The F-Tales
* Episode 2B: Teddy & Art in: 25-Cent Trouble
* Episode 2C: Cat & Milk-Man
* Episode 3A: Jamal the Funny Frog
* Episode 3B: Thatta Boy
* Episode 3C: Hobart in: The Weed-keeper
* Episode 4A: Protecto-5000
* Episode 4B: Ask Edward in: All About Babies
* Episode 4C: Pete Patrick P.I.
* Episode 5A: Max's Special Problem
* Episode 5B: Tutu the Superina: A super-heroine ballerina tries to stop an animal thief.
* Episode 5C: Blotto
* Episode 6A: Tales from the Goose Lady in: Jack and the Beatstalk
* Episode 6B: Twins Crimson and Those Amazing Robots: Twin toddlers enter a fantasy jungle, and try to stop a group of robots destroying it to build a factory.
* Episode 6C: Olly & Frank
* Episode 7A: APEX Cartoon Props & Novelties
* Episode 7B: A Cop & His Donut
* Episode 7C: Enchanted Adventures
* Episode 8A: The Fairly Oddparents! "(later became its own series)"
* Episode 8B: Hobart in: Deep Sea Diva
* Episode 8C: Super Santa in: Jingle Bell Justice
* Episode 9A: Kitty the Hapless Cat
* Episode 9B: That's My Pop in: Is There A Dinosaur In The House
* Episode 9C: Hubby-kins vs. Sweetie Pie
* Episode 10A: The Man With No Nose
* Episode 10B: Youngstar 3
* Episode 10C: Harvey Kurtzman's Hey Look!
* Episode 11A: ChalkZone in: The Amazin' River
* Episode 11B: Tales from the Goose Lady in: Hamsel & Grande
* Episode 11C: The Feelers
* Episode 12A: Max and the Pigeon Incident*
* Episode 12B: Zoomates*
* Episode 12C: Microcops*
* Episode 13A: Planet Kate
* Episode 13B: Fat Head

Season 2 (1999-2000): hosted by Kenan Thompson

* Episode 14A: ChalkZone in: Rudy's Date
* Episode 14B: Fuzzy Bunny Presents: A Kid's Life
* Episode 14C: The Fairly OddParents in: Too Many Timmys
* Episode 15A: Tales from the Goose Lady in: The Little Pigs Three
* Episode 15B: Freddy Seymoure's Amazing Life
* Episode 15C: Jamal the Funny Frog in: His Musical Moment
* Episode 16A: ChalkZone in: Snap Out of Water
* Episode 16B: Earth to Obie
* Episode 16C: Mina and the Count in: The Ghoul's Tribunal
* Episode 17A: The Fairly OddParents in: Where's the Wand?
* Episode 17B: Magic Trixie: A young girl tries a magic trick with no success, but at a magic show she outshines the magician.
* Episode 17C: Tales from the Goose Lady in: The Egg Who Would Be King
* Episode 18A: ChalkZone in: Secret Passages
* Episode 18B: Kid from S.C.H.O.O.L.
* Episode 18C: Mina and the Count in: The Vampire Who Came to Dinner
* Episode 19A: The Fairly OddParents in: Party of Three
* Episode 19B: The Forgotten Toy Box in: Curse of the Werebaby
* Episode 19C: Jelly's Day in: Uncle Betty's Strange Rash
* Episode 20A: ChalkZone in: Chalk Dad*
* Episode 20B: A Dog & His Boy*
* Episode 20C: Mina and the Count in: Playing a Hunch*
* Episode 21A: The Fairly OddParents in: The Fairy Flu
* Episode 21B: Lolly Gagin
* Episode 21C: Tales from the Goose Lady in: The Tortoise and the Hairpiece
* Episode 22A: ChalkZone in: Chalk Rain
* Episode 22B: The Dan Danger Show: Dan Danger is renowned as a fearless daredevil, but in reality he is a craven coward- not good when he has to fly a plane after the pilot and co-pilot get sick.
* Episode 22C: Mina and the Count in: My Best Friend
* Episode 23A: The Fairly OddParents in: The Temp*
* Episode 23B: Herb*
* Episode 23C: Jamal the Funny Frog in: Milk Dreams*
* Episode 24A: Jelly's Day in: Auntie Broth's Makeover
* Episode 24B: Terry & Chris
* Episode 24C: Mina and the Count in: Frankenfrog
* Episode 25A: The Fairly OddParents in: The Zappy's*
* Episode 25B: Let's Talk Turkey*
* Episode 25C: Tales from the Goose Lady in: The Three Bears and the Blonde*
* Episode 26A: ChalkZone in: Rapunzel
* Episode 26B: Zoey's Zoo in: Lots of Ocelots
* Episode 26C: My Neighbor was a Teenage Robot "(later became its own series as "My Life is a Teenage Robot")"

Season 3 (2000-2001): hosted by Josh Server

* Episode 27A: The Dan Danger Show in: 100% Danger*
* Episode 27B: The Tantrum*
* Episode 27C: Super Santa in: Naughty*
* Episode 28A: Super Santa in: South Pole Joe
* Episode 28B: Sick & Tired in: Bug Bite
* Episode 28C: Tales from the Goose Lady in: The Ugly Duck-Thing
* Episode 29A: The Fairly OddParents in: Scout's Honor
* Episode 29B: Skippy Spankerton in: Hot Tamale Monster Movie Madness
* Episode 29C: Jamal the Funny Frog in: Beach
* Episode 30A: Super Santa in: Vegetation
* Episode 30B: Elise Mere Mortal
* Episode 30C: Fuzzy Bunny Presents: A Kid's Life (Picture Perfect)
* Episode 31A: The Dan Danger Show in: A Lighter Shade of Danger*
* Episode 31B: Kameleon Kid*: After intefering with one of his parent's experiments, a young boy gets the ability to shapeshift and uses it to get revenge on a bully.
* Episode 31C: Jamal the Funny Frog in: Camping*
* Episode 32A: The Fairly OddParents in: The Really Bad Day*
* Episode 32B: Baxter & Bananas in: Monkey See, Monkey Don't?*
* Episode 32C: Tales from the Goose Lady in: A Fisherman, A Fisherman's Wife, and a Fish*
* Episode 33A: The Dan Danger Show in: A Date with Danger*
* Episode 33B: The Sempreni Triplets*
* Episode 33C: Moville Mysteries* (became its own series, but was not made by Nickelodeon)
* Episode 34A: The Fairly OddParents in: Super Humor
* Episode 34B: The Boy Who Cried Alien
* Episode 34C: Jamal the Funny Frog in: Dentist

Random! Cartoons Series

Season 4 (2008-Present)

Random! Cartoons is a spin-off of Oh Yeah! Cartoons. It is set to premiere on Nicktoons Network sometime during December 2008, according to creator Fred Seibert. (A specific premiere date, having been delayed several times, is currently unknown.) Thirteen full-length episodes have been ordered for the show for the first season, which is also known as Oh Yeah! Cartoons' fourth season.

*Episode 1A: TBA
*Episode 1B: TBA
*Episode 1C: TBA
*Episode 2A: TBA
*Episode 2B: TBA
*Episode 2C: TBA
*Episode 3A: TBA
*Episode 3B: TBA
*Episode 3C: TBA
*Episode 4A: TBA
*Episode 4B: TBA
*Episode 4C: TBA
*Episode 5A: TBA
*Episode 5B: TBA
*Episode 5C: TBA
*Episode 6A: TBA
*Episode 6B: TBA
*Episode 6C: TBA
*Episode 7A: TBA
*Episode 7B: TBA
*Episode 7C: TBA
*Episode 8A: TBA
*Episode 8B: TBA
*Episode 8C: TBA
*Episode 9A: TBA
*Episode 9B: TBA
*Episode 9C: TBA
*Episode 10A: TBA
*Episode 10B: TBA
*Episode 10C: TBA
*Episode 11A: TBA
*Episode 11B: TBA
*Episode 11C: TBA
*Episode 12A: TBA
*Episode 12B: TBA
*Episode 12C: TBA
*Episode 13A: TBA
*Episode 13B: TBA
*Episode 13C: TBA

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