name = Aralioideae

image_width = 250px
image_caption = Clump of "Aralia spinosa"
Nesmith, South Carolina
regnum = Plantae
divisio = Magnoliophyta
classis = Magnoliopsida
ordo = Apiales
familia = Araliaceae
subfamilia = Aralioideae
subdivision_ranks = Tribes
subdivision =

and see text

The subfamily Aralioideae contains around 50 recognized genera. These include the genus "Panax", to which ginseng belongs. Other notable species are the Angelica-tree (Devil's Walking-stick, "Aralia spinosa"), the Devil's Club ("Oplopanax horridus"), or Common Ivy ("Hedera helix").

They are traditionally divided into a number of tribes. More recently it has turned out that the Aralieae and Schefflerieae were not accurately delimited. However, with moving some genera around, monophyly of each taxon can probably be achieved. Splitting the Panaceae from the Aralieae is rejected by the current state of knowledge, and whether the Schefflerieae can be accurately subdivided into the Plerandreae and Tetraplasandreae is at least highly doubtful. The Mackinlayeae seem to form a smaller and more basal lineage, but many other genera still await study.




*"Hunaniopanax" – tentatively placed here


*"Boninofatsia" – tentatively placed here
*"Schefflera" – probably paraphyletic

Placement unresolved

*"Astrotricha" – basal?
*"Cephalaralia" – basal?
*"Cheirodendron" – basal?
*"Cussonia" – basal?
*"Osmoxylon" – basal?
*"Raukaua" – basal?
*"Stilbocarpa" – basal? Possibly belongs into Apiaceae


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