Finn Whitman

Lawrence Finnegan Whitman, or Finn, as he prefers to be called, is one of the main characters from the novel by Ridley Pearson, "The Kingdom Keepers". He is chosen as the leader of a group of middle-schoolers who act as hologram tour guides, or DHIs, at Disney World in Orlando, Florida.


Finn is characterized as good-looking, as Ridley Pearson writes as if Willa, Charlene, Amanda and Jezebel are attracted to him. Kingdom Keepers mentions that Finn has green eyes and is stated to be one inch shorter than his friend Amanda, his average height being 5' 7". His DHI is mentioned to be wearing "loud purple shorts, and a surfing shirt," but Kingdom Keepers never describes him as wearing any more than "jeans and a shirt." During Halloween, Finn dresses as Zorro, wearing a black cape and a mask with his typical jeans and shirt, but his costume also functions as a disguise from Maleficent, whom the DHIs try to capture during a Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Disney World.


Finn is 14 years old in Disney After Dark, and is very self-confident for a teenager. Finn is a quick thinker, cleverly unraveling Wayne's word problems, and has a grim sense of humor. He also has a slightly careless attitude about school, being late to several classes in a row, but can be a hard worker when he puts his mind to it. His ability to think clearly under pressure is helpful in many tight situations during the book. He often acts more courageously than he feels. Finn will believe fantastical things more easily than the other DHI's, and acts on his belief. It is also mentioned that Finn detests smoking. Ridley Pearson writes that "Finn had once walked across a restaurant and boldly asked a smoker to put out his cigarette so that his own hamburger didn't have to taste like ash." It is also inferred that he has a crush on Amanda. But that is not sure of.

Role in Kingdom Keepers

Finn is the protagonist and chosen leader of the DHIs, although no background information was provided on why he was chosen. Finn acts as the supporter and often has to convince the other DHIs to follow his instructions. At first, he himself must be convinced that he is not dreaming, and starts as a doubter. Later, as the story progresses, he falls into his role as leader of the DHIs and manages to find several clues leading to the defeat of the Overtakers. Finn is the one who manages to capture the villain, Maleficent, and is hailed as a hero.

Role in Kingdom Keepers 2

Finn continues as the chosen leader in Kingdom Keepers 2. On June 14, 2007, in Pearson's blog, the book is slated to be released in August 2008. In a blog entry on January 29, 2008, Pearson declares that has been put into production and Disney Books has begun printing. A full summary and more information on the book can be found at Ridley Pearson's blog.


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