Calheta (Azores)

official_name = Calheta

image_coat_of_arms = CHT.png

Region = A.R. of Azores
Subregion = A.R. of Azores
District = A.R. of Azores
Mayor_name = Duarte Silveira
Mayor_party = PSD
area_total = 126.3
population_total = 3,972
population_density = 31
Parishes = 5
coor = 38º36'N 27º57'W
params = 38_36_N_27_57_W
occasion = Saint Catherine
day = November 25
website = none
footnotes =

Calheta (pron. IPA2|kɐ'ʎetɐ) is a municipality in the São Jorge island, in the Portuguese autonomous region of Azores.

Calheta has a population of 3,972 inhabitants and an area of 126.3 km². It is divided into five parishes ("freguesias"). The municipality includes the eastern portion of the island of São Jorge and borders the municipality of Velas.

For statistical and administrative reasons, since there is a municipality also called Calheta in the island of Madeira, is it is known as Calheta dos Açores rather than Calheta, while that Calheta of Madeira is known as Vila da Calheta.


The five parishes of Calheta are:

* Calheta
* Norte Pequeno
* Ribeira Seca
* Santo Antão
* Topo

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