Paintball pistol

Paintball pistols are a type of paintball marker used in paintball, which loosely resemble pistols. There are two main types of pistols: pump and semi-automatic.

Uses of a pistol and basic use


Paintball pistols are not used in tournament level speedball games. Due to one marker per person rules [ [2008 NPPL Rulebook] ] , a player may not carry two markers onto the field. A pistol has a lower shot capacity, leaving the player at a severe disadvantage against an opponent. Sometimes in recreational settings a player will agree to play with a pistol to put themselves at a severe disadvantage to attempt to prove superior skill over an opponent. Playing in such a situation has many similarities to stock paintball


Paintball pistols are primarily used as a sidearm, due to lower performance than full size markers. The use of a paintball pistol is often as a last resort situation. In scenario games often drivers of paintball tanks will utilize a paintball pistol as a backup marker.


Paintball pistols are often used as a sidearms in a last resort situation. Some players have learned diversionary tactics with pistols, pretending to fumble or reload the main marker, only to pull up a close range shot with a pistol. Many players find this kind of action unsportsmanlike, and some fields ban the use of sidearms.

Pros and Cons

There are several pros and cons to carrying a paintball pistol (as compared to a standard paintball marker): [ [ Paintball — Paintball Games Reviews Strategy & More — Comprehensive Paintball ] ]


*Smaller ammunition capacity
*Shorter barrels (give paintballs less space to stabilize before leaving the barrel — thus less accurate shots)
*Smaller air capacity (usually 12 gram CO2 powerlets, sometimes 3–4 oz tanks)


*Extremely light
*Can be carried in holster
*Smaller profile
*Extremely portable
*Can be used as a side arm

ome paintball pistols

*32 Degrees Delta 68
*AGA 62
*AGD Sydarm
*Ariakon ACP (2)
*Ariakon Overlord
*Armotech Zeus G1/G2
*Carter Boxgun
*CCI phantom Pistol
*Core ZX
*Crosman 3357
*NSG Splatmaster, and Rapide
* [ Walther P99 RAM Paintball Pistol]
*PT Extreme
*PPS Squall, or Micro Squall, Pug
* [ RAM X50 Real Action Marker]
* [ RAP4 T68 Pistol]
*Sheridan PGP pump pistol, PG
*Tiberius Tac-8/Tac-9
*WarSensor WSP
*WarSensor Zeus G1/G2+

ee also

*paintball marker
*carbon dioxide


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