Lira (disambiguation)

Lira may mean:

* Lira, the currency of various countries, such as Italy (obsolete) and Turkey (replaced with New Turkish Lira as of January 1 2005)
* Lira District in Uganda or its commercial centre; Lira a town in Uganda.
* Lira (ISS), a communications system.
* Lira, a fictional character in the Philippine television series "Encantadia".
* Lira (music), Ukrainian folk musical instrument, see Lirnyk.
* Lira da braccio, a European bowed string instrument played during the Renaissance
* Pontic lyra, a bowed string instrument formerly played by the Pontic Greeks of northeastern Turkey
* Cretan lira, a bowed string instrument of the Greek island of Crete
* Lira or Lyra class, the Russian name of a class of hunter/killer nuclear powered submarine, with a NATO reporting name of Alfa class.
* LIRA, the ICAO code for Ciampino Airport.
* Liberal Reform Party, Czech political party
* LIRA, a Canadian Locked-In Retirement Account which is used to hold pension funds
* Osvaldo Lira, Chilean priest, theologian and philosopher.
* Gonzalo Lira, Chilean-American novelist and film director.

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