Gerry (Outdoor gear and clothing)

Gerry was a manufacturer of outdoor sports gear and clothes and the brand still exists as a clothing brand. The company was founded by Gerald "Gerry" Cunningham in 1946 and was originally located in Denver, Colorado.

As late as around 1980 the company had a successful collection of innovative and relatively brightly colored down garments, which were selling well as far outside the U.S.A. as Scandinavia. Just a few years later though the companies products seems to have largely disappeared from the market and the brand went dormant for several years. Today the founder Gerald Cunningham has left the company [ [ The history of Gerry at] ] and the Gerry brand is owned by Amerex Group Inc., a New York based privately owned clothing manufacturer which also owns and is licensing several other brands.In 2002 Amerex Group Inc. started a Gerry website, a step in re-launching the brand. [ [ Amerex case study by the website creator Business edge] ] In the same year Gerry also announced a number of sponsorship programs. [ [ News page at the official website] ] Since then not much effort seems to have been made to revitalize the brand and on the company's website only a few clothing products are presented.


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