Mihtarlam District

Mehterlam district is located in the center of Laghman Province and consists of the urban centre and provincial capital Mihtarlam and 24 major villages and 269 sub-villages. Mihtarlam derives its name from Mihtarlam baba (Lamech), who was purported to be the father of the prophet Noah.[1] It borders with Kabul Province to the West, Alishing and Alingar districts to the North and Qarghayi District to the East and South. The population is 121,200 (2006) - 60 % Pashtun, 35% Tajik and 5% Pashai.

The Alishang river pours into Alingar river just south of the district center and the lands around them are irrigated. The agriculture is the main source of income. Many young men search for work in Iran and Pakistan.
About 59% of the houses were partially or fully destroyed during the wars. Many people fled, but now they are returning.

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