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num_episodes = 222
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first_aired = October 18, 1988
last_aired = May 21, 1997
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"Roseanne" is an American sitcom broadcast on ABC from 1988 to 1997 starring stand-up comedian Roseanne Barr. The show portrayed a working-class family struggling to get by on a limited income in the fictional town of Lanford, Illinois. Many critics considered the show notable as one of the first sitcoms to portray an American family in which economics necessitated two parents working jobs outside the home. [Citation | last=Tucker| first=Ken| title=And Away She Goes| journal=Entertainment Weekly| issue=377| date=May 2 1997| url=,,287723,00.html] [Citation | last=James| first=Caryn| title='Roseanne' and the Risks of Upward Mobility| newspaper=The New York Times| date=May 18 1997| url=] [cite book | last=Wizenburg| first=Stephen| title=TV's Greatest Sitcoms| publisher=PublishAmerica| date=June 28, 2004| isbn=1413725678] For many years, "Roseanne" tackled taboo subjects or joked about issues that most other popular shows at the time avoided, such as poverty, alcoholism, drug use, sex, menstruation, teenage pregnancy, masturbation, obesity, race, class identity, domestic violence and homosexuality. The show was also significant for its portrayal of feminist ideals including a female-dominated household, an overweight female lead whose likability didn't rely on her appearance, relationships between female characters that were cooperative rather than competitive, and females openly expressing themselves without negative consequences.

"Roseanne" was hugely successful from its beginning, spending its first six seasons among the Nielsen Ratings' top five highest-rated shows. The show's success inspired television networks to offer a rash of sitcom deals to stand-up comedians, a practice that continued for years afterwards. During its seventh season, the show's ratings dropped, but it still managed to remain among the Nielsen Ratings' top ten highest-rated shows. It was only during the show's ninth and final season, when the show's storyline drifted away from its original premise, that "Roseanne" dropped below the Nielsen Ratings' top thirty highest-rated shows.


Roseanne Conner

Played by Roseanne Barr. Roseanne Conner, modeled after Barr's stand-up comic (and presumed real-life) persona, was born in late 1952 and is a loud, caustic, and dominant woman with a wry sense of humor. She frequently meddles and tries to control the lives of her husband, daughters, son, sister, and friends. The series features a running joke where Roseanne is constantly hungry. [ [ YouTube - Broadcast Yourself ] ] Despite her dominating nature, Roseanne's love for her family and friends is plainly evident. Roseanne is absent from only one of the 222 episodes in the series.

Dan Conner

Played by John Goodman. Dan Conner, born in 1951, is Roseanne's genial, easygoing "teddy-bear" husband. He holds a variety of blue-collar jobs throughout the series. Though he appears to be dominated by Roseanne, Dan asserts his will in the matters that concern him most, particularly his daughters' romantic lives. He is openly admired by many of the show's characters for his devotion to his wife and children. Among his children, Dan bonds most strongly with his tomboy daughter Darlene. His relationship with Roseanne's sister Jackie is outwardly contentious but secretly close.

Jackie Harris

Played by Laurie Metcalf. Jackie, born in 1955, is Roseanne's somewhat wacky younger sister. Jackie has a lackluster social life and her romantic relationships are frequently unstable, as is her career. She is fairly dependent on Roseanne, spending most of her time in the Conner household. Roseanne often asserts control over Jackie's life, a frequent cause of conflict between the two. As an auxiliary member of the nuclear Conner family, however, Jackie is often in a position to serve as confidant for individual family members, making her a catalyst for major change or resolution within the series. Jackie has a contentious relationship with her parents, particularly her mother, Beverly.

Becky Conner

Played by Lecy Goranson and Sarah Chalke. Becky, born in 1975, is Roseanne and Dan's eldest child. She does well academically and socially in school. The high value she places on her feminine appearance and social acceptance puts her in stark contrast with her sister Darlene, with whom she frequently fights. In the first four seasons of the series, Becky appears to be on a path toward high lifetime achievement. This path is drastically diverted when she skips college to elope with Mark and later ends up living with him in a trailer park.

Two Beckys

During the show's fifth season actress Lecy Goranson left to attend Vassar College. At first, her character Becky was merely absent from the show, explained in the story when she marries and moves away to live with her husband Mark. During the sixth season, however, the show's producers recast Becky with actress Sarah Chalke. This change is addressed in the show which becomes a running gag for the remainder of the series as both Goranson and Chalke continue to alternate in the role of Becky, depending on Goranson's availability. Examples of this gag include:

*At the end of Chalke's first episode, the Conner family watches the television show "Bewitched" and several characters complain about the recasting of the show's main character Darrin Stevens, with Chalke asserting that she prefers the second actor to play Darrin.
*In the season six episode "Suck Up or Shut Up," when Luke and Laura from General Hospital are with Roseanne in the diner, they are explaining all the mishaps they have had (as the result of being in a soap). Roseanne responds with "Well our daughter Becky was gone for a year and when she came back we barely recognized her!!"
*When Goranson returns to the role in the eighth season premiere, Roseanne and Darlene ask Becky, "Where the hell have you been?" and comment that "it feels like you've been gone for three years." Becky responds, "Why does everyone keep saying that?"
*The eighth season premiere concludes with Goranson and Chalke dancing as if they were each other's reflection in a black-and-white parody of the closing credits from the television series "The Patty Duke Show", a series in which actress Patty Duke plays two identical cousins. The song to which the two Beckys dance, "Nearly Identical Beckys", is set to the tune of the theme music from "The Patty Duke Show"'. At the end of the segment, William Schallert, who plays Patty's father on the series, appears with Dan. This parody was excised from the eighth season DVD box set.
*Beginning with the eighth season, the show's opening credits sequence, which displays morphing images of the main characters over the years, features images of both Goranson and Chalke in the role of Becky.
*When Roseanne announces that the Conner family is planning a vacation to Walt Disney World, Becky (played that week by Chalke) tells Roseanne how excited she is to be going to Disney World. Roseanne responds, "Aren't you glad you were here this week?"
*In an episode that pretends to glimpse into the future, John Goodman portrays an adult version of D.J. who has suffered a mental breakdown. He repeatedly mutters "They say she's the same, but she isn't the same." At the end of the episode, a montage sequence of the two actresses playing Becky reveals the meaning of D.J.'s mantra. Because cast and crew believed that the eighth season of "Roseanne" would be its last, Goranson had signed back on only for that season. When the show was renewed for a ninth season, Chalke replaced Goranson full-time.

Darlene Conner

Played by Sara Gilbert. Darlene, born in 1977, is Roseanne and Dan's wily and sarcastic middle child. Among the Connor children, she is the most similar to Roseanne, dishing out clever one-liners and displaying a knack for manipulating those around her. The similarity also means that, unlike the other characters on the show, Darlene does not readily submit to Roseanne's will. Darlene starts the series as a tomboy character who loves to play basketball, but during the show's third and fourth seasons starts dress in the grunge fashion. She dates, eventually marries, and has a daughter with David, the younger brother of Becky's husband, Mark.

D.J. Conner

Played by Michael Fishman. D.J., born in 1981, is Roseanne and Dan's youngest child (until the birth of Jerry in the eighth season). D.J. is treated by the others as the "baby" of the family, and as such his concerns and opinions are often discounted or ignored. Thus left to his own devices, D.J. develops some unusual behaviors, such as building a cache of dismembered dolls. These behaviors are singled out for ridicule by his older sisters, particularly Darlene who inflicts a playful degree of violence upon him. D.J. has an especially close relationship with Roseanne. The initials "D.J." stand for David Jacob (rather than the presumed Dan Jr.), a fact which is only mentioned in two episodes of the series.

Recurring characters

"Roseanne" featured a large cast of recurring characters. The following appeared in 10 or more episodes of the series, ordered below by number of appearances.
*David Healy (played by Johnny Galecki in 91 episodes) - Darlene's boyfriend and eventual husband
*Crystal Anderson (played by Natalie West in 84 episodes) - Roseanne and Jackie's old high-school friend, later marries Dan's father
*Mark Healy (played by Glenn Quinn in 75 episodes) - Becky's boyfriend and eventual husband, David's older brother
*Bev Harris (played by Estelle Parsons in 58 episodes) - Roseanne and Jackie's mother
*Leon Carp (played by Martin Mull in 46 episodes) - Roseanne's manager at Rodbell's, later co-owner of Lanford Lunch Box
*Fred (played by Michael O'Keefe in 35 episodes) - Jackie's husband, Dan's employee at Lanford City Garage
*Nancy Bartlett (played by Sandra Bernhard in 33 episodes) - Roseanne's friend, Arnie's wife, co-owner of Lanford Lunch Box
*Arnie Thomas (played by Tom Arnold in 22 episodes) - Dan's friend, Nancy's husband
*Chuck Mitchell (played by James Pickens Jr. in 19 episodes) - Dan's friend, Anne-Marie's husband
*Bonnie Watkins (played by Bonnie Bramlett in 18 episodes) - Roseanne's co-worker at Rodbell's
*Anne-Marie Mitchell (played by Adilah Barnes in 15 episodes) - Roseanne's friend, Chuck's wife
*Booker Brooks (played by George Clooney in 11 episodes) - Roseanne's foreman at Wellman Plastics, briefly dates Jackie
*Bob (played by John McConnell in 11 episodes) - Dan's employee at Lanford City Garage
*Nana Mary (played by Shelley Winters in 10 episodes) - Roseanne and Jackie's grandmother, Bev's mother

Season synopses

"Roseanne" was a half-hour program that aired weekly between September and May of each year from 1988 to 1997. Each September to May run is regarded as a separate season comprising of 23 to 26 weekly episodes. Though the storylines of most episodes were self-contained, story arcs occasionally spanned several episodes or an entire season.

Season one

As the season (and series) opens, Roseanne is a line-worker at Wellman Plastics along with her sister Jackie and friend Crystal. Jackie has a brief relationship with Booker (played by George Clooney), the foreman at Wellman. Dan finds sporadic work as a construction contractor and faces a strained relationship with his irresponsible father Ed (played by Ned Beatty). Roseanne's parents, Bev and Al, consider moving to Lanford, but eventually decide against it. Tomboy Darlene struggles with her femininity as she enters puberty and gets her first period. Becky faces dating problems with her first boyfriend Chip. In the season finale, Roseanne stands up to a new foreman (played by Fred Thompson), when she leads Jackie, Crystal, and other co-workers as they quit Wellman Plastics.

Season two

Now that they've quit Wellman Plastics, Roseanne and Jackie must find new jobs. Jackie decides to become a police officer. Roseanne cycles through a variety of menial jobs including telemarketer, secretary for Dan's boss, bartender, cashier at a fast food restaurant, and finally, sweeping floors at a beauty parlor. At home, Dan's poker buddy Arnie makes a startling debut when he plants a passionate kiss on Roseanne. The Conners celebrate an outrageous Halloween that becomes an annual feature of the series. Later, at Thanksgiving dinner, Dan takes wary notice of a growing romance between his father and Crystal. Jackie gets serious with new boyfriend Gary (played by Brian Kerwin). Becky repeatedly rebels against Roseanne and Dan's parental authority. Old biker buddy Ziggy (played by Jay O. Sanders) appears to remind Roseanne and Dan of their own rebellious past. Darlene first proves her talent for writing when she wins recognition for her poetry. Roseanne's own writing talents are given a boost when her family fixes up a basement room to serve as a writer's den.

Other notable guest stars during the season include Stephen Dorff (as Becky's boyfriend Jimmy), Stephen Root (as Roseanne's lawyer Peter), and Bert Parks (as a judge).

Season three

The season opens with the Conner women confronting the issue of pregnancy: Roseanne takes a pregnancy test that turns up negative. Roseanne takes on a job as waitress in the restaurant at Rodbell's Department Store where we first meet both Leon and Bonnie. Jackie gets injured while on the job as a cop, which results in a breakup with her boyfriend Gary. Becky begins dating Mark, a boy her parents later forbid her to see, prompting Becky to temporarily move in with Jackie. Dan is floored to learn that his father Ed and Crystal plan to marry, and that Crystal is pregnant with Ed's baby. Roseanne locks horns with snooty new neighbor Kathy (played by Meagen Fay). Nana Mary makes her first appearance at a family barbecue. In the season finale, Ziggy reappears with a proposition to open a motorcycle repair shop with Dan and Roseanne, which they do, after which Ziggy decides to leave because he doesn't want to feel responsible if the business fails.

Other notable guest stars during the season include Leonardo DiCaprio (as Darlene's classmate), Brad Garrett (as Doug), Judy Gold (as Amy), Alyson Hannigan (as Becky's friend Jan), and Tobey Maguire (as Jeff).

Season four

The season starts with Becky surprising Roseanne by asking for birth control. Dan and Roseanne get started with their new motorcycle repair shop business, Lanford Custom Cycles, while Roseanne continues to work at Rodbell's Department Store. Jackie, after a brief stint working at a perfume counter, decides to become a truck driver. Nancy is first introduced as Arnie's fiancee, but not before Jackie discovers that after a night of heavy drinking, she's slept with the newly engaged Arnie. Darlene undergoes a personality shift into a sullen gothic teen. Booker makes a surprise appearance at a Halloween costume party. Roseanne's neighbor Kathy moves away. Roseanne gets breast reduction surgery. Roseanne and Dan accompany Arnie and Nancy to their wedding in Las Vegas. At the end of the season, Lanford Custom Cycles fails, Rodbell's Luncheonette closes, and Nancy is left alone after Arnie is "abducted by extraterrestrials."

Notable guest stars during the season include Bob Hope (as himself), Wayne Newton (as himself), David Crosby (as Duke), Neil Patrick Harris (as Dr. Doogie Howser), and Rick Dees (as Ken).

Season five

After the bike shop closes, Mark decides to move to Minnesota. Becky decides to go with him, and they elope. Jackie and Roseanne each get a check for $10,000 from Bev. They, along with Nancy, decide to open a diner, but can only get the money they need after Bev agrees to become a partner as well. Nancy comes out as a lesbian. The Tildens, a single father and his two daughters around Becky and Darlene's ages move in next door. Jackie dates Fisher -- who is much younger than she is -- until Roseanne discovers he is physically abusive. Dan confronts him, beats him up, and is arrested. Roseanne and Jackie's father dies. Roseanne's rich cousin Ronnie visits and convinces Darlene to get her GED and apply to art school. David applies as well. Darlene asks her parents if David can move in, because his mother is moving away and they want to stay together. Roseanne and Dan initially refuse, but when Roseanne sees David's mother being verbally abusive, she decides to let him stay. Dan is offered a deal to rehab and sell a house by Roger, who runs off before the deal is complete -- but Jackie decides to buy the house, saving Dan from financial ruin. David gets a rejection letter from art school, Darlene gets an acceptance. At the end of the season, Roseanne is scared Darlene will run away to school although Darlene has already decided not to go. Realizing she was wrong, Roseanne convinces Darlene to not give up on her goals just to stay with David.

During this episode there is a running gag in which each of the Conners (with the exception of Becky) appear in a different scene in the same long-sleeve, egg printed shirt with a large chick on the front.

Notable guest stars during the season include Wings Hauser (as Ty Tilden), Danielle Harris (as Molly Tilden), Loretta Lynn (as herself), Morgan Fairchild (as Nancy's girlfriend Marla), Bill Maher (as Bob), Ed Begley, Jr. (as Principal Alexander), Blake Clark (as Vic), Red Buttons (as Bev's lover Jake), Sally Kirkland (as Mark and David's mother Barbara), Tim Curry (as Nancy's lover Roger), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as D.J.'s friend George), Joan Collins (as Roseanne's cousin Ronnie), Matt Roth (as Jackie's boyfriend Fisher), and Steve Jones (as a threatening diner patron).

Season six

Under pressure from Roseanne to leave the Lanford Lunch Box, Bev sells her share in the restaurant to Leon. David proposes marriage to Darlene, but she refuses. Dan and Roseanne discover and smoke an old stash of marijuana. Roseanne's past as a victim of abuse arises when she reacts violently to DJ after he steals and wrecks her car. Becky and Mark return home and move in with Dan and Roseanne. Mark goes to trade school only to later drop out. Jackie gets pregnant as a result of a one-night stand. Jackie later develops a relationship with her baby's father, Fred. Roseanne and Dan discover that David has secretly moved in with Darlene at school. Roseanne visits a gay bar with Nancy where she receives a surprise kiss from Nancy's girlfriend. Jackie gives birth to a boy, which she names Andy. Dan confronts his mother's history of mental illness. The season concludes with Fred and Jackie's marriage.

Notable guest stars during the season include Mariel Hemingway (as Nancy's girlfriend Sharon), Vicki Lawrence (as Dan's old flame Phyllis), Florence Henderson (as neighbor Flo), Ahmet Zappa (as Mark's roommate Roy), and Fabio (as himself).

Season seven

Season seven began with Roseanne's unexpected pregnancy and went on to tackle such issues as abortion, alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual dysfunction and racial prejudice. "The Sitcom Mom's Welcome Wagon" also aired this season.

Notable guest stars during the season include Sharon Stone (as a trailer park resident), Ellen DeGeneres (as Jackie and Fred's psychologist Dr. Whitman), Danny Masterson (as Darlene's boyfriend Jimmy), and Traci Lords (as Lanford Lunch Box waitress Stacy).

eason eight

Season eight addressed Roseanne's baby shower (and the subsequent arrival of her son Jerry Garcia Conner), DJ's Thanksgiving pageant, Darlene's wedding, and Dan's heart attack.

As ratings had begun to drop at the end of the seventh season, the show's producers wanted to end the series after the eighth season. The show was, however, again renewed for one final season. One of the final episodes of the eighth season (in which Dan had the heart attack) was originally intended to be the series finale, but after the show was picked up for one last season, writers introduced a plot revolving around Dan not following the hospital's orders after the heart attack. This led to Roseanne and Dan having their worst fight in the show's history, with a second part to the heart attack episode being the first episode of the ninth season.

Notable guest stars during the season include Fred Willard (as Leon's husband Scott), Ed McMahon (as himself), Pat Harrington, Jr. (as himself), Jenna Elfman (as hitchhiker Garland), Shecky Greene (as Bar Mitzvah guest Uncle Sol), Norm Crosby (as minister at Leon and Scott's wedding Reverend Crosley), June Lockhart (as TV mom Ruth Martin), the cast of Stomp (as Lanford Lunch Box patrons), Eric Dane (as a Disney World bellhop), and Tony Curtis (as ballroom-dance instructor Hal).

Season nine

The ninth and final season of the show marks a complete departure from the rest of the series as it takes on a more surreal tone. The Conners win the state lottery jackpot of $108 million, Roseanne battles terrorists, Dan ponders the meaning of life, Jackie meets her prince, D.J. finds love, and Darlene gives birth. Most surreal of all is the season's final episode, in which Roseanne reveals an alternative scenario for the series in which many of its events never actually take place and are instead part of a book she is writing. In this scenario, Dan's heart attack has killed him, the Conner family has not won the lottery, Becky has married David instead of Mark, Darlene has married Mark instead of David, and Jackie has come out as a lesbian instead of Roseanne's mother.

Notable guest stars during the season include Ed Asner (as Lou Grant), Robin Leach (as himself), Hugh Hefner (as himself), Jerry Springer (as himself), Jim Varney (as Jackie's boyfriend Prince Carlos), Tammy Faye Bakker (as Roseanne's make-up consultant), Todd Oldham (as himself), Dina Merrill (as Doris), Joanna Lumley (as Patsy Stone), Jennifer Saunders (as Edina Monsoon), Steven Seagal (as himself), Arianna Huffington (as Estree), Marlo Thomas (as Tina), Tony Robbins (as himself), James Brolin (as Roseanne's business partner/love interest Edgar Wellman, Jr.), Bob Hope (as himself), and Debbie Reynolds (as Dan's mother Audrey).


"Roseanne" consistently ranked in the Nielsen top shows listing for eight of its nine seasons. It reached its pinnacle in its second season with a #1 ranking (tying with "The Cosby Show"), [Citation | title='Roseanne' Tops 'Cosby' In the Nielsen Ratings| newspaper=The New York Times| date=March 15 1989| url=] and only fell out of the top 20 in its final season. The following table lists the ranking for each season.


*Shelly Winters plays Estelle Parsons' mother in the show, although they are only seven years apart.

*In the first episode introducing David in 1992, he is referred to as 'Kevin'. For the rest of the series' run, he is referred to as 'David'. The producers wanted to name him David originally but changed his name to Kevin because actor Johnny Galecki was already playing a character named David on another show and did not want viewers to get confused. His other show was cancelled by his second appearance on "Roseanne" so he was renamed David. This is referenced in season 6 when Roseanne says that David is what Darlene changed his name to because she has so much control over him.

*Sal Barone originally played the character of D.J. in the pilot, but because of decisions made by producers, Michael Fishman became D.J. In a "Roseanne" reunion, which aired on Roseanne's talk show "The Roseanne Show", Sara Gilbert revealed that there existed animosity between Barone and her, resulting in his departure as D.J.'s character because Barone's mother did not want him to be on the show with her. However, according to Sal Barone himself, the show decided to recast the role of D.J. because they felt Sal Barone was too young for the role.

*In the season three episode, "The Test", a reference is made to Roseanne Barr's National anthem controversy. Roseanne wakes up and says, "The morning is so beautiful I could just sing!" She then opens her mouth like she is about to sing, but does nothing.

*"Roseanne" was set in fictional Lanford, Illinois, which according to Ms. Barr was based on Moline, Illinois. On the show, Moline was where Roseanne Conner's parents lived until her father's death, after which her mother relocated to Lanford, much to her daughters' dismay. Lanford was often characterized on the show as a town on the wane and offering limited opportunities, which realistically depicted the economic struggles of the working-class in the factory cities of the Midwestern United States during the late 1980s recession. The region was hit particularly hard during this recession and it was a significant subtextual theme of the show in its earlier seasons. Despite the show's association with Moline, all camera shots of fictional Lanford were actually of Evansville, Indiana.

*Two actresses played Becky (Sarah Chalke and Lecy Goranson), two actresses played Dan's mother (Ann Wedgeworth and Debbie Reynolds), two actors played Crystal's son Josh C. Williams and Luke Edwards), and two actors played Todd (Troy Davidson and Adam Hendershott).

*Despite playing older sister Becky, Sarah Chalke is younger than Sara Gilbert, who played Darlene.

*The show's original title was "Life and Stuff", but the producers decided to change it to "Roseanne". That title would later be chosen as the title of the show's pilot episode. The title would be parodied in two other "Roseanne" episodes: "Death and Stuff", when Roseanne lets a traveling salesman into her house and he dies in their kitchen, and "Fights and Stuff", the 8th season finale (which actually uses dialogue that parallels dialogue in the pilot).

*There are a few actors and actresses that guest-starred before they were famous, which include Alyson Hannigan, Tobey Maguire, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, and Matt Roth. Bruce Willis also made a tiny appearance interrupting a taping in which he crawls in bed with Roseanne and surprises her during the ending of an episode.

*In the episode "Dances with Darlene" during season 3, Roseanne comments to Darlene, "You know, Darlene, there's lots of ways of gettin' back at me! Maybe Becky's boyfriend has a little brother!" At the end of episode "The Bowling Show" during season 4 Darlene meets Kevin, later renamed David, Mark's little brother.

*In the eighth season of CSI, ex-Roseanne writer Chuck Lorre co-wrote an episode entitled "Two and a Half Deaths". The episode was based around a fictional sitcom "Annabelle" and the self-absorbed main star of the same name. It is widely reported that the character of "Annabelle" was based on Roseanne Bar and Chuck Lorre's experience working with her on Roseanne. In fact, the title card for "Annabelle" displayed during the CSI episode used a similar font to the characteristic "Roseanne" title card.


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* [ Roseanne World] Roseanne Barr's official web site
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* [ Nick At Nite's Roseanne]
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