Cinema of Saudi Arabia

Cinema of Saudi Arabia

The cinema of Saudi Arabia is comparatively small, as only two feature films from the country and one documentary were released in 2006.

Saudi Arabia is a very conservative country. Although there are no cinemas in the kingdom, many Saudis watch films via satellite, DVD and video. Keif al-Hal?, billed as Saudi Arabia's first film, was shot in the United Arab Emirates and the lead female was Jordanian. The film has produced much debate in the country with regard to the country's position on cinemas and films. The documentary short film Cinema 500 km directed by Abdullah Al-Eyaf discussed the issue of banning cinema theaters in the country, the film forced the media to highlight the issue on all media levels.


Saudi films

  • Cinema 500 km (2006)
  • Dhilal al Sammt (Shadow of Silence; 2004)
  • Keif al-Hal? (2006)
  • Women without Shadows (Nisaa Bil Thil;2006)
  • I Don' Wanna (2008)
  • Shadow (2008)
  • Three Men and a Woman (2008)
  • According to Local Time (2008)
  • Sunrise/Sunset (2008)
  • Last Day (2008)
  • Project (2008)

Films shot in Saudi Arabia

  • Exile Family Movie (Austrian; 2006)
  • Le Grand Voyage (French; 2004) - partly filmed in Mecca
  • Malcolm X (American; 1992) - the first non-documentary to be given permission to film in Mecca
  • Le Schiave Esistono Ancora (Italian; 1964)

Saudi directors

  • Abdullah Al-Muheisen
  • Ali H. AlAmeer
  • Abdullah Al-Eyaf
  • Haifaa al-Mansour
  • Mohammad Aldhahri
  • Mohammad Al Khalif
  • Abdulmuhsin Almutairi
  • Hussam Alhulwah
  • Mohammed Alhamoud
  • Abdulmohsen Al-Dhabaan
  • Nawaf Almuhanna

Saudi actors

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