Genista Corporation

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company_name = Genista Corporation
location = Tokyo, Japan
available = Worldwide
founder = Kambiz Homayounfar
foundation = 2000
company_type = Private
industry = Software
products = Optimacy (Media Quality Control Station), PQoS (Portable Quality Probe), Agent (Post-Deployment Quality Monitoring), SDK (Libraries and API for OEM
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Genista Corporation uses computational models of human visual and auditory systems to measure what viewers see and hear. Resulting perceptual metrics complement existing technologies by predicting experienced quality measured by a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) formerly assessed using subjective tests from actual viewers.

Digital video systems exploit properties of the human visual system to reduce the bit rate at which a video sequence is coded. Video quality assessment tools based on network quality metrics such as packet loss, MDI and PSNR do not correlate well with a perceived visual quality due to the nonlinear behavior of the human visual system. As a result, accurate prediction of the perceived quality of the output video should also take the human visual system properties into account.

Genista Corporation’s patented technology is the result of research done by Stefan Winkler in the field of vision models and metrics. Details on his findings can be found in his book: Digital Video Quality, Stefan Winkler, Wiley, March 2005, ISBN 0-470-02404-6.

In June 2007, Genista became part of Symmetricom’s QoE Assurance Division.

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Further reading

* [ Digital Video Quality] , [ Stefan Winkler] , Wiley, March 2005, ISBN 0-470-02404-6

External links

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