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Australasian Journal of Philosophy

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The Australasian Journal of Philosophy (AJP), founded in Sydney in 1923 as "The Australasian Journal of Psychology and Philosophy", is Australasia's oldest and most respected philosophy journal. Sponsored by the Australasian Association of Philosophy, it aims to publish the best work in the analytic tradition and is frequently cited in the general philosophical literature. In 2007 it was rated 'A' (the highest category) in the European Reference Index in the Humanities (ERIH).

Publishing history

The AJP was published triannually until 1970 and quarterly since. Oxford University Press was its publisher from 1998 to 2004, followed by Taylor and Francis under its Routledge imprint after 2005. Contents of the journal are now also published electronically and available in academic and research libraries world-wide.

Notable articles

The following is a partial list of some of the most notable articles in the "AJP" (in date order):
* "Vagueness" (1923) - Bertrand Russell
* "Questions" (1958) - C.L. Hamblin
* "Conclusive reasons" (1971) - Fred Dretske
* "A causal theory of counterfactuals" (1977) - Frank Jackson
* "Causal decision theory" (1981) - David Lewis
* "The nature of natural laws" (1982) - Chris Swoyer
* "Putnam's paradox" (1984) - David Lewis
* "The teleological notion of 'function'" (1991) - Karen Neander
* "Elusive knowledge" (1996) - David Lewis


To ensure its integrity, the refereeing process for all unsolicited contributions to the AJP is double-blind: the names and institutional affiliations of authors are revealed neither to referees nor Associate Editors. Authors submitting articles, discussion notes and reviews are required to follow submission guidelines and style [AJP Journal Style [] ] . Of approximately 400 submissions per year from across the globe, less than 10% are selected for publication.

Editorial team

The inaugural editor was Francis Anderson of the University of Sydney. The AJP is currently based at the University of Western Australia and edited by Stewart Candlish [University of Western Australia Staff Page - Stewart Candlish [] ] with the support of a network of international referees and a board of associate editors [AJP Editorial team and Board of Associate Editors [] ] .


External links

* [ Journal web page]
* [ Publisher's information, including list of associate editors]

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