Top Speed

Top Speed

Infobox Film
name = Top Speed (1930)

producer =
director = Mervyn LeRoy
writer = Harry Ruby
Guy Bolton
Bert Kalmar
starring = Joe E. Brown
Bernice Claire
Jack Whiting
Frank McHugh
Laura Lee
music = Joseph Burke
Leonid S. Leonardi
art direction = Anton Grot
cinematography = Sidney Hickox
editing = Harold Young
distributor = First National Pictures
A Subsidiary of Warner Bros.
released = August 24, 1930
runtime = 73 min.
language = English
country = USA
imdb_id = 0021486|

"Top Speed" is musical comedy film released in 1930 by First National Pictures (a subsidiary of Warner Bros.).


The film was completed as a full musical. Due to the backlash against musicals, however, the Warner Bros. were forced to make many cuts to the film and much of the original music is missing or severely truncated.


*The film survives only in the cut version which was released in late 1930 by Warner Brothers. Due to the backlash against musicals, the Warner Bros. were forced to cut most of the musical sequences before releasing the film.

*The film was released as a full musical outside of the United States, where a backlash against musicals never occurred. It is unknown whether a print of this longer version still exists.

*The complete soundtrack to the "International Version" (which includes all of the original songs) survives at UCLA on Vitaphone disks.


* "If You Were a Traveling Salesman and I Were a Chambermaid" (Performed by Joe E. Brown and Laura Lee)
* "Knock Knees" (Performed by Joe E. Brown, Laura Lee and chorus)
* "Looking for the Lovelight in the Dark" (Performed by Bernice Claire, Jack Whiting and chorus)
* "As Long as I Have You and You Have Me" (Cut from film; originally performed by Bernice Claire and Jack Whiting)
* "Goodness Gracious" (Cut before release in the United States)
* "I'll Know and She'll Know" (Cut before release in the United States)
* "Keep Your Undershirt On" (Cut before release in the United States)
* "What Would I Care?" (Cut before release in the United States)
* "Sweeter Than You" (Cut before release in the United States)
* "Reaching For the Moon" (Cut before release in the United States)


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