Haakon Sigurdsson

Haakon II Sigurdsson Jarl ( _no. "Hákon Sigurðsson", _no. Håkon Sigurdsson), (died 995) was the son of Sigurd Haakonsson, Earl of Lade, and thus Trøndelag. Haakon claimed descent from the divine linage of Sæming.

Haakon became earl after his father was killed by King Harald Greyhide's men in 961. He warred with King Harald for some time, until he was forced to flee to Denmark and Harald Bluetooth. In Denmark he conspired with Harald Bluetooth against Harald Greyhide.

Harald Greyhide was killed in 971. After this, Haakon Jarl ruled Norway as a vassal of Harald Bluetooth, but he was in reality an independent ruler. For Harald, he attacked Götaland and killed its ruler Jarl Ottar.Haakon was a strong believer in the old Norse gods, and when Harald Bluetooth attempted to force Christianity upon him around 975, Haakon broke his allegiance to Denmark. A Danish invasion force was defeated at the battle of Hjörungavágr in 986.In 977 Vladimir I of Kiev fled to him, collecting as many of the Viking warriors as he could to assist him to recover Novgorod, and on his return the next year marched against Yaropolk.

In 995, a quarrel broke out between Haakon and the Trønders just as Olaf Tryggvason, a descendant of Harald Fairhair arrived. Haakon quickly lost all support, and was killed by his own slave and friend, Tormod Kark, while hiding in the pig sty in the farm Rimul in Melhus. His two sons Eric and Sven, and several others, fled to the king of Sweden, Olof Skötkonung, and the Hakon Jarl Runestones may refer to them.Children:

*Eirik Håkonson, would avenge his father at the battle of Svolder and then govern Norway with his half-brother, Sveinn Hákonarson.
*Auð, married the Swedish king Eric the Victorious, according to "Yngvars saga víðförla".
*Bergljót, married Einar Tambarskjelvar.
*Sigrid, mother of Ivar Hvide, Jarl of Uplands.

According to "Skáldatal", Haakon had the following court poets:

*Eyvindr Finnsson
*Einarr skálaglamm
*Tindr Hallkelsson
*Skafti Þóroddsson
*Þórólfr munnr
*Eilífr Guðrúnarson
*Vigfúss Víga-Glúmsson
*Þorleifr jarlsskáld

According to "Hallfreðar saga" the poet Hallfreðr also composed a "drápa" on the earl. Several disjoint stanzas by Hallfreðr in "Skáldskaparmál" are often thought to belong to this otherwise lost poem.

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