Scapa Flow (Swedish band)

Scapa Flow (Swedish band)

Scapa Flow was a Swedish EBM band, formed in 1988, and was one of the icons of the new EBM and synth scene that sprung up in Sweden in the late 80's. They toured frequently in Sweden and made a German tour in 1991 with fellow Swedish EBM´ers Pouppé Fabrikk.

The lineup were originally a foursome, but somewhere along the line they lost a member and in 2002 there was Andreas Carlsson, Johan Nygren and Carl Sjöström left. The band was named after Scapa Flow in the Orkney Islands. The band slipped into the unknown after their 1994 release "Heads off to freedom". There was talk about releasing new material after the release of the 2002 compilation CD, but Scapa Flow seems to have slipped into oblivion yet again.


*1988: The Core MC
*1989: Crucial Impact MC
*1989: Overflow MC
*1989: The Guide MLP
*1990: The Guide LP/CD
*1991: Chased By Sunset LP/CD
*1994: Heads Off To Freedom CD
*2002: Pax Vobiscum 1988-2001 CD (remastered and remixed compilation)

imilar Swedish bands

* Pouppée Fabrikk
* Cat Rapes Dog
* Inside Treatment
* Cultivated Bimbo
* Spetsnaz
* Run Level Zero

External links and references

* [ Going with the Scapa Flow] (Sami Sinervä, "Moving Hands")
* [ A mini interview with Calle Sjöström, mentioning The Sunset Museum, an official Scapa Flow site that was online for a while)] ("Release Magazine")

* [ An unofficial discography]
* [ A list of Scapa Flow's releases at their record company, Energy Rekords]

* [ A recent photo of Calle Sjöström, top center of the page]

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