Thai marriage

Thai marriage

Thai Weddings

A Thai wedding is basically made up of two parts: the legal and the ceremonial part. In Thailand, these are totally separate. You require no paperwork to have a religious wedding ceremony in Thailand which most all Thai people have. This is considered the "real" wedding. Normally, weddings in Thailand are Buddhist. A dowry is still commonplace, but arranged marriages are not.

The legal part is performed at a local "Amphur". It is not a chattel marriage, but a contractual marriage so there are two certificates. They are, of course, in Thai writing and rather decorative.

Thai marriage eligibility


*1. Both parties must not be younger than 17 years of age. A court order would otherwise be needed;
*2. Neither party should be insane;
*3. Both should not be in blood relations to each other by direct ascendant or descendant line;
*4. Both should not have the same adoptive parents;
*5. Neither should have a spouse at the time of the marriage;

NOTE: If woman whose husband has died or whose marriage was terminated, the marriage can only take place after expiry of 310 days from such death or termination of marriage. The exception being where:

*1. A child was born during this time;
*2. The divorced couple are remarrying;
*3. There is a court order allowing the woman to marry;
*4. There is a certificate from a doctor (working in a Thai hospital only} to state that the woman is not pregnant.

Thai marriage documents needed

Thai Nationals:

*1. His/Her Identification Cards;
*2. Their house registration certificates;
*3. Proof of divorce or in the case of spousal death, proof of death must be made available.


*1. A copy of their passport including their arrival card;
*2. Affirmation of eligibility to marry from their Embassy;
*3. Translated copies of the affirmation in Thai certified by an approved Foreign Ministry Translator.

Thai marriage procedures

*1. Obtain the affirmation document from your embassy;

*2. Complete the affirmation document and return it to your embassy; (Embassies fees/procedures vary)
**2a You would have to provide an income statement;
**2b Copy of your divorce order or death certificate of your spouse; (If divorced or widowed)
**2c List your children and ages and;
**2d Two citizens in your home country as references.

*3 Collect your signed affirmation document from the embassy the {same or} following day, depending on embassy {or consulate};

*4. Have your affirmation, (divorce order or death certificate of your late spouse) translated into Thai. {This is seldom required, but is recommended, if marrying in a small amphur or to sell embassy services.}

*5. Take the affirmation and documents together with translations and copies of your passport to the Legalization Division of Consular Affairs Department, where the Consular Official's signature will be authenticated. This takes a few hours.

Quotation|The Legalisation and Naturalisation Division,

Department of Consular Affairs,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (

{comments of experience added}

123 Chaeng Wattana Road, Laksi District, Bangkok 11120

Tel. 0– 2575 1056–59, 0–2981 7171

08.30 – 11.30 and 13.00 – 15.30)

There are two fees available: -

1. Baht 400 per document, and it takes up to two full days or

2. Baht 800 per document for the same day service.

*6. Wait a few hours or collect it in 2 days from the Thai Consular Affairs office;

*7. Take the documents to the local District Registrar (also known as the 'Amphur') who will register the marriage and issue the marriage certificate. {There are two copies in Thailand and they will not issue new ones if lost so take good care of them}

{8. Have certificate translated to English or your home language before leaving Thailand as they are costly to do overseas, Also if you intend to use it for visa or immigration purposes check for certification requirements by the desired country, as some require the Thai government to certify the the translation. Personal experience not official policy }


* [ Thailand Department of Provincial Administration - Marriage Eligibility ]
* [ Department of Consular Affairs - Road Map]
* [ Brief Amphur List]

Affirmation Letters

* [ Irish Letter of Affirmation]
* [ British Letter of Affirmation]
* [ American Letter of Affirmation]
* [ Australian Letter of Affirmation]
* [ New Zealand Letter of Affirmation]

Online legal requirement references

* [ Australia Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs]
* [ Canada Citizenship and Immigration Canada]
* [ Netherlands Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND)]
* [ New Zealand New Zealand Immigration Service]
* [ Sweden Swedish Migration Board]
* [ UK Immigration and Nationality Directorate]
* [ USA Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services]

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