Barcelona Metro line 9

Line 9 (Aeroport-Terminal Sud - Can Zam) is the name of one of the two branches of the Barcelona metro extensive line 9/10, currently under construction and to be operated by TMB.


It links Aeroport del Prat and El Prat de Llobregat with Badalona and Santa Coloma de Gramenet, through Barcelona proper, sharing a good deal of the area covered by L10. L9/10 will be the deepest line in the network, and the longest line in Europe. Originally expected to be ready by 2008, ongoing problems with its construction are going to delay its completion until as late as 2013.

List of stations

("Keep in mind all of them are currently under construction")

El Prat area
* Aeroport-Terminal Sud (Barcelona International Airport, RENFE)
* Ciutat Aeroportuària
* Aeroport-Terminal Nord (Barcelona International Airport, RENFE)
* Mas Blau
* Sant Cosme
* El Prat
* Estació del Prat (L1, RENFE)
* Centre Direccional
* Verge de Montserrat
* Mercabarna
* Parc Logístic
* Fira 2-Pedrosa (L2)
* Europa-Fira (L8)Central branch, shared with L10
* Can Tries
* Torrassa (L1, RENFE)
* Collblanc (L5)
* Campus Sud (T1, T2, T3)
* Zona Universitària (L4)
* Campus Nord
* Manuel Girona
* Prat de la Riba
* Sarrià (L6)
* Mandrí
* El Putxet (L7)
* Lesseps (L3)
* Muntanya
* Sanllehy
* Guinardó (L4)
* Maragall
* Sagrera-Meridiana (L1, L4, RENFE)
* Estació de la Sagrera (L4, RENFE-AVE)
* Onze de Setembre
* Bon PastorBesòs area
* Can Peixauet
* Santa Rosa
* Fondo (L1)
* Església major
* Singuerlin

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