Dektor Counterintelligence and Security Inc.

Dektor Counterintelligence and Security Inc. was a company started by Allan D. Bell Jr, President, Charles McQuiston, Vice President, Wilson Henry Ford, Vice President of Research and Development, in Springfield, Virginia around 1969-70. These three were responsible for inventing the Psychological Stress Evaluator (PSE) a voice stress analyzer which is often called a voice lie detector; however, it is actually a truth verification device. It is based on the muscle microtremors which occur in the vocal cords when the speaker is under stress. These microtremors cannot be heard, yet they can occur either from external stressors (such as having a hot cup of coffee dumped on your lap) or from the internal stressor of lying when you know better. Michael Kradz, retired police officer was the lead instructor for the PSE class in Springfield Virginia.

The PSE was featured in the old Mission Impossible show, and in the Billy Jack Goes to Trial Movie. Allan Bell Jr. was featured in a Playboy article by Craig Vetter, now journalism instructor at Northwestern University in Illinois. The PSE as well as Allan Bell Jr. was also featured in George O'Toole's The Assassination Tapes which was about whether Lee Harvey Oswald actually killed President John F. Kennedy. George O'Toole brought PSE tapes (which were similar to EKG readouts) of an "anonymous" person saying, "No, I didn't shoot anybody, no sir" after being asked if he shot the President (JFK).

Allan Bell Jr. was born in Halifax Virginia in 1927. He was a retired Army Colonel (Lt Col), and specialized in Counterintelligence with the Counterintelligence Division (CID). He was head of the Counterintelligence Division in Berlin and Stuttgart in Germany in early 1960s. He received his training in counterintelligence at Fort Hollabird in Baltimore MD in the late 1950s, and returned to Ft Hollabird as an instructor in 1967.


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