Pan-Arab colors

Pan-Arab colors

The Pan-Arab colors are red, black, white, and green and have their origins in the flag of the Arab Revolt. The first three colors are featured in the flags of Egypt and Yemen; together with green they are also on the flags of Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Palestine, Somaliland, Sudan, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, and Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic.

It is believed that each color of the four Pan-Arab Colors represent a certain Arab Dynasty or era: the Black was the color of the flag of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, while white was taken by the Umayyads to be their Symbol, as a reminder of the Battle of Badr, Green was taken by the Fatimids to symbolize their support to Ali Bin Abi Talib, while red was the flag held by the Khawarij, and then became the symbol of rulers in North Africa and Al-Andalus.

Other Arab countries, while not using all of the Pan-Arab colors, do use some of them in other combinations: Algeria and Lebanon, for example, use green, white and red, and no black.

Current flags with Pan-Arab colors

Former flags with the Pan-Arab colors

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