Infoanarchism is an umbrella term for various groups of people who are opposed to forms of intellectual property, such as copyright and patents. The term was coined in a "TIME Magazine" article about Ian Clarke, known as the original designer and lead developer of Freenet, called "The Infoanarchist" in July 2000. The anti-copyright movement includes a wide range of groups and views and infoanarchists have emerged as part of the broader copyright social conflict and copyright debate.

Infoanarchists may use anonymous P2P networks, like Freenet, Entropy, Tor or I2P, to help protect their anonymity. These anonymous networks make it difficult for observers, or any middleman, to determine what traffic is going across the network. Such technology may serve to protect people who wish to publish or receive digital files anonymously, like corporate whistleblowers, political dissidents, or groups that engage in the deliberate infringement of copyright law.

ee also

* copyleft
* Crypto-anarchism
* Free Culture
* P2P
* Technocapitalism
* Pirate Party



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