Liberal Alliance (Greece)

The Liberal Alliance ("Greek: Φιλελεύθερη Συμμαχία Fileleftheri Simmakhia ") is a liberal political party in Greece founded February of 2007. Its stated purpose is to cover the political ground between what it considers to constitute a conservative New Democracy and the socialist PASOK [] .

The highest organ in Liberal Alliance is its congress, which elects a new president every 2 years and a 15-member administration committee. [ Entry on party in Greek Wikipedia] ]

Liberal Alliance's founding document is the Proclamation of Anavisos [ Φιλελεύθερη Συμμαχία: στάση πολιτών - Ιδρυτική Πολιτική Διακήρυξη της Φιλελεύθερης Συμμαχίας ] ] , written on 28 April 2007. It contains a reference to Victor Hugo.

The symbol of Liberal Alliance is like @ but instead of 'a' it has the Greek phi letter, which is also the first letter of the word Liberal in the Greek language, while the dominating colours are purple and yellow. (initially the logo was the head of Adamantios Korais, until the first congress)

Electoral results

The party participated in the 2007 general elections in Greece, where it tallied 0,1% of the popular vote, ranking 13th among candidate parties. Its highest percentage was in the first Athens electoral prefecture, where it tallied 544 votes out of 337.000 cast, equaling 0,17%, while its worst percentage was in the prefecture of Pieria, which is the only prefecture where the party fielded no candidates.


The following people are associated [ Φιλελεύθερη Συμμαχία: στάση πολιτών - Ποιοι είμαστε, τί επιδιώκουμε ] ] [ Φώτης Περλικός » Φιλελεύθερη Συμμαχία ] ] with Liberal Alliance:
* President: Fotis Perlikos, doctor

Political positions

The Liberal Alliance defines itself as classical liberal party, championing personal liberty and human rights in both the political, social and economic sectors. Some of its positions are:

* Withdrawal of the state from every kind of business activity and the reduction in the size of government and public sector.
* Decriminalization of drug use.
* Full separation of church and state.
* Abolition of the (compulsory in Greece) military draft.
* Abolition of permanent employment in the civil sector.
* Tax reduction.
* Permission for non-Government controlled universities to exist.
* Privatization of state run public services.
* Respect for the individuality of citizens.
* Abolition of the state-run, defined benefit scheme to a defined contribution pension system managed entirely by the private sector under supervision by a specialized government superintendency.


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