Copper clad steel

Copper clad steel, also known as copper covered steel or by its acronym CCS, is a bimetallic product, mainly used in the wire industry that combines the high mechanical resistance of steel with the conductivity and resistance to corrosion of copper.Its main purpose is to be used as a drop wire of telephone cables, and inner conductor of CATV cable.The main producers are located in Argentina [] , Brazil, and USA.


Grounding, union of ground rods to metallic structures, meshes, substations, power installations and lightning arrestors. This material has proven its aptitude for these purposes. More than 60 years of installations all around the world certify the excellence of this type of installation.


Among the main properties of these conductors the following should be highlighted:

* Good corrosion resistance of copper
* High mechanical strength
* High resistance against material fatigue
* Lower electrical resistance compared to steel wire
* Much lower impedance at high frequencies than that of steel conductors.


"Note: A valid reference for the following claims would greatly improve their usefulness. See discussion page."

Due to the inseparable union of the two metals, it is theftproof, because it is not practical to recover the copper. So the conductor has very little scrap value. Thus the frequent robberies so common with pure copper conductors are avoided.

The installation with copper steel conductors are safe and fulfills the required specifications of a good grounding. For this reason it is used with preference by utilities and oil companies.

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