Gabas River

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origin = Plateau of Ger
mouth = Adour
basin_countries = France
length = 117 km
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The Gabas, is a left tributary of the Adour, in the Landes, in the Southwest of France.


The name "Gabas" is derived from the word gave. The river was known as the "fluvius gavasensis" in 982 [cartulary of Saint-Sever.] .

A tributary of the Léez is named the "Gabassot", an hypocoristic of "Gabas".


The Gabas rises in the plateau of Ger in the north of Lourdes, as the union of the "Gabastou" and the "Honrède". It flows north-west like the neighboring rivers: the Luy, the Uzan and the Ousse.

The Gabas crosses the Tursan, in the Landes. It flows into the Adour in Toulouzette, downstream from Saint-Sever.

A dam of 20 million m³ was built in its upper course to regulate lowest water level.

Main tributaries

* (R) the "Bayle" from Lourenties
* (R) the "Bas", from Geaune
** (R) the "Lescoû", from Saint-Loubouer
** (L) the "Petit Bas", from Pimbo
* (L) the "Laudon", from Hagetmau


* [ The Gabas at the Sandre database]

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