Revolution X

Revolution X

Infobox VG
title = Revolution X

developer = Midway (Arcade)
Rage Software (Consoles)
publisher = Midway (Arcade)
Acclaim (Consoles)
designer = George Petro, Jack Haeger
platforms = Arcade, SNES, Mega Drive/Genesis, PC, Sega Saturn, PlayStation
release = 1994
genre = Light gun
modes = Up to 3 players/2 players in console versions
ratings = ESRB: Teen (T) - (SNES/Genesis ports)
Mature (M) - (PlayStation/Saturn ports)
cabinet = Deluxe 3-Player cabinet
Upright 2-player Terminator 2: The Arcade Game conversion kit
arcade system = Midway X Unit
cpu = Main CPU: TMS34020 @ 10 MHz
Sound CPU: ADSP2105 @ 10 MHz
sound = DMA-driven @ 10 MHz
display =
input =

"Revolution X" is an arcade light gun game released in 1994 by Midway featuring the band Aerosmith.

The plot concerns a dystopian version of 1996 where an alliance of government and corporate forces have taken control of the US in the guise of the "New Order Nation" (NON). The NON, with their vampish commander Mistress Helga (portrayed by Kerri Hoskins), have declared war on youth culture and have banned music, television and video games. At a gig in Los Angeles at 'Club X', complete with neon sign, Aerosmith are captured by NON troops and the game begins.

The game is a standard side-scrolling rail shooter in which the player has to shoot everything on screen to rescue the kidnapped members of the band. The five members of Aerosmith are hidden in the game, and all must be found in order to see the real ending. Each one found adds to the end-of-level-bonus multiplier. The soundtrack consists of several Aerosmith songs continuously looped, including "Eat The Rich", "Sweet Emotion", "Toys in the Attic" and "Walk This Way".

It was later released for home video game consoles by Acclaim.


*Arcade (deluxe 3-player cabinet), 1994
*Arcade (upright 2-player, conversion kit for "Terminator 2: The Arcade Game"), 1994
*Mega Drive/Genesis, 1995
*SNES, 1995
*PC, 1995
*Sega Saturn, 1996
*PlayStation, 1996


*Wembley Stadium was the location of the final battle.
*The game was originally developed to be based on "Jurassic Park", but Midway lost the rights to the property to Sega.Fact|date=March 2007
*The NON (New Order Nation) logo is similar to the Nine Inch Nails NIN logo which both have the last N backwards.
*Aerosmith's car is a black painted Lamborghini Countach.
*There was also a plan to create a Revolution X game starring Public Enemy, but Midway believed the Aerosmith game lacked sufficient popularity to create another one like it.
*The Super NES and Sega Genesis ports tone down the blood and the exotic dancers (also played by Kerri Hoskins) who were showing off their thongs have been turned around so they are facing the screen. CD-based console versions feature more blood however, the dancers are still facing the screen.
*Occasionally after a large in-game explosion, Steven Tyler can be heard saying "Toasty!" in a high-pitched voice; this is a reference to an easter egg in another Midway game, "Mortal Kombat II".
*Most home versions were not light gun compatible.
*The console versions included loops of Rag Doll for the attract screen, main menu, and score, Fever for the Middle East level, and Dude (Looks Like a Lady) for the ending.
*A Musak version of Love in an Elevator plays in the elevator part of the Amazon Jungle level.

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