List of locomotives in China

List of locomotives in China

__NOTOC__This is a list of locomotives in the People's Republic of China.

team locomotives

*SY (2-8-2) Many remain on industrial lines and short lines
*JS (2-8-2) Many remain on industrial lines and short lines

Diesel locomotives

Dongfeng (DF) series

The Dongfeng series of locomotives are the most important in Chinese rail transport, with the Dongfeng4 (DF4) being by far the most common locomotive to be seen on Chinese rails.

*DF: DF, DF1, DF3
*DF1: see DF
*DF2: DF2
*DF3: see DF
*DF4: DF4, DF4B, DF4C, DF4D & DF4DD
*DF5: DF5, DF5B, DF5C & DF5D
*DF7: DF7, DF7B, DF7C, DF7D, DF7E, DF7F, DF7G & DF7J
*DF8: DF8, DF8B, DF8BJ & DF8CJ
*DF9: DF9
*DF10: DF10, DF10F
*DF11: DF11, DF11G & DF11Z
*DF12: DF12

Imported locomotives

* NY5
* NY6
* NY7

Electric locomotives

AC-DC transmission

haoshan (SS) series

*SS3 - SS3B
*SS4 - SS4B - SS4C - SS4G
*SS6 - SS6B
*SS7 - SS7B - SS7C - SS7D - SS7E
*SS9 - SS9G

AC-DC-AC transmission

*DJ1 "Gofront"
*DJ2 "Olympic Star"
*SSJ3 (Prototype of HXD3)

"Harmony" (HX) series

*HXD1 (Made by Zhuzhou and Siemens)
*HXD2 (Made by Alstom and Datong)
*HXD3 (Made by Dalian and Toshiba)

Imported locomotives

*6G (France)
*6Y1 (USSR)
*6Y2 (France)
*6K (Kawasaki, Japan)
*8G (USSR)
*8K (50 Hz Group: Alsthom, Siemens, BBC and others)
*HXD2 (Alstom, France)

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