Line-mode browser

A line-mode browser is a form of web browser that is operated from a single command line.

WWW - The Libwww Line Mode Browser

The first such browser was WWW - The Libwww Line Mode Browser, based on and shipped with the libwww library. [ [ WWW - The Libwww Line Mode Browser] , retrieved 2007-07-29] [ Change History of Line Mode Browser] , retrieved 2007-07-29]

WWW - The Libwww Line Mode Browser was written before February 111991 by Nicola Pellow, an intern working at CERN. The first stable version, 1.1 was released in January 1992. Tim Berners-Lee had already written the first browser, WorldWideWeb, but that program only worked on NeXT computers, which were in limited use. So, Berners-Lee and his team recruited Pellow to write a browser so basic that it could run on any computer in existence at that time. The name "line-mode browser" is derived from that fact that, in order to ensure compatibility with the earliest computer terminals, such as Teletype machines, the program only displayed text one line at a time.

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