Argentine Sea

Argentine Sea
Argentine Sea, off the atlantic coast of Argentina

The Argentine Sea (Spanish: Mar Argentino) refers to the sea within the continental shelf off the Argentine mainland. It is a term often related to the Argentine claims to both the Falkland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

It is located in the South Atlantic Ocean off the southeastern coast of Argentina, extending from the approximate latitude of Montevideo, Uruguay, southward to Tierra del Fuego, and is situated about 500 miles (800 km) north of Antarctica. The Argentine Sea has a surface of 386,102 sq. mi. (1,000,000 km²) and is one of the largest seas in the world. The average depth of sea is 3,952 feet (1,205 m) and maximum depth is 7,296 feet (2,224 m) The area that matches this description has no specific name in The Times Atlas of the World.[1] The quoted statistics are dubious because the continental shelf only includes land to a depth of 200 m making it impossible to have an average depth of 1200 m.

The Argentine Sea progressively widens going southward, in contrast with the narrowing of the continental mass. The sea platform has a series of plateaus which descend to the east as large terraces or steps. Because of its stair-shaped plateaus, the Argentine Sea is similar morphologically to the Extra-Andean Patagonia.

The Falkland Islands are also located within the platform of the Argentine Sea.

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Coordinates: 46°S 63°W / 46°S 63°W / -46; -63

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