Paul Manueli

Paul Manueli

[Colonel] [Paul Manueli is a former Commander of the Royal Fiji Military Forces, a former Fiji Cabinet minister, and successful businessman.

Of Rotuman and Samoan descent, Manueli was a soldier in the Royal Fiji Military Forces, and a graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in England. He had a distinguished career with the Fijian military, and while still a lieutenant, was appointed to the post of district officer on Rotuma for an interim period in 1960. He went on to become a Colonel and the first indigenous Commander of the Fiji Military Forces, which he led from 22 February, 1974 until February 22, 1979.

Following his retirement, he has enjoyed considerable success as a business leader and has served on the boards of numerous corporations, including General Manager of BP in the South Pacific. After the 1987 Fijian coups d'état, Manueli has held the portfolios of Minister for Home Affairs, Finance Minister and Minister for Justice in the Fijian Parliamentary Cabinet. Originally a member of the post-coup interim government, Manueli subsequently sought election and won the sole seat for the Rotuman Communal Constituency and was made a Cabinet Minister in Sitiveni Rabuka's governments. He is currently Rotuma's representative on the Great Council of Chiefs. He also is a member of the executive board of Warwick International Hotels.

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