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Fell is a term used to designate mountains and upland in northern England and other parts of Europe.

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* Hans-Josef Fell, German Member of Parliament
* Jesse Fell, anthracite experimenter from Pennsylvania

Farming and animals

* Fell farming
* Fell pony, a British pony breed
* Rough Fell (sheep)


* Fell, Rhineland-Palatinate, a village in Germany
* Fell Exhibition Slate Mine, an exhibition mine in Germany
* Fell Township, Pennsylvania


* Fell (comics), a comic book written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Ben Templesmith, published by Image.
* Fell mountain railway system, a railway configuration using a raised centre rail (named after John Barraclough Fell)
* Fell Diesel, the popular name for the British Rail 10100 locomotive (named after Lt. Col. L.F.R. Fell)
* "Fell", the name of the book that is a sequel to one of David Clement-Davies' books, "The Sight".

ee also

*Fall (disambiguation), fell being the past tense

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