Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics


name =Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics
native_name =Российская экономическая академия им. Г.В. Плеханова

motto =To serve for Russia
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established = 1907, as Moscow Institute of Commerce
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faculty =700
president =Vitaly Vidyapin
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students =13,000
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Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics ( _ru. Российская экономическая академия им. Г.В. Плеханова, romanised: "Rossiskaya ekonomicheskaya akademiya") is a public research university located in Moscow, Russia.The academy has the highest level of accreditation by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, and takes part in numerous international university collaborations, such as the European University Association and The European Foundation for Management Development.Currently it is one of the best ranked Universities in Russia and many of the University's programmes have been [] approved and certified by UNESCO. Although RAE has changed its name more than once the quality of education remained high throughout their history: Moscow Institute of Commerce (1907-1919); K. Marx Moscow Institute of the National Economy (1919-1924); Plekhanov Institute of the National Economy(1924-1991); Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics (1992 to present) is one of the largest Russian economic institutes of higher education. Its main areas of study are Business, Economics and Finance.

It has 14 departments and over 13,000 students (including branches in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and Ulan-Bator, Mongolia).The university was one of the first in Russia to join the reforms of the doctoral and master's education within the Bologna process.


The Moscow Institute of Commerce was founded in 1907 on private donations of merchants, bankers and manufacturers, gathered by initiative of the Moscow merchant A.S. Vishnyakov. It was essentially the first institute in Russia which prepared qualified businessmen for rapidly developing branches of industry. Prior to the revolution of 1917 about 2000 specialists were graduated from the institute. In 1924 it was appointed the name of Marxist thinker Georgi Plekhanov.Need to mention it was the only Russian University that time (1907) where women were allowed to study. Since 1960s the Institute was merged with Moscow Governmental Economic Institute and became one of the major centers of scientific education in the country. After 1991 the institute obtained its current name.Recent years were marked with rising international cooperation, such as the foundation of Africa Business House. Now the Academy deals with more than 80 partners in 52 countries. [ru icon [ History of the Academy at the official site] ] Among its graduates, there are many prominent politicians and businessmen, such as soviet statesman Mikhail Suslov, a liberal democrat Grigory Yavlinsky and faculty member Ruslan Khasbulatov, Former Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian SFSR and later Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian Federation (1991-1993).


Founded in 1907 the Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics has always striven to offer students a variety of "field oriented" study programs and opportunities to master skills they can apply in their professional work. The Plekhanov graduates enjoy top jobs in all branches of the Russian national economy and abroad proving convincingly that the Academy’s approach has both academic validity and practical application in its own right.

The Academy offers a multi-facet two-level system of economic and business education.

The first level - a four-year full-time Bachelor Degree Programme at the General Economics Department primarily aims at conveying a broad knowledge of fundamentals of economics and business studies. Graduates are awarded a Bachelor Degree with qualification of "Economist".

It may be completed at one of the Academy’s Departments:
*Department of Finance
*Department of Economics
*Department of Business Administration
*Department of Accounting
*International Business School (IBS)
*Department of Management Information Systems
*Department of Marketing
*Department of Management
*Department of Commercial Engineering
*Department of Retailing
*Department of Mathematics and Economics
*Department of International Business Relations
*Department of Politology and Law
*Department of Humanities
*Department of Continued Education
*Center of Informatization
*Center of International Projects
*Center of Socially political and Liberal arts education

The second level - 2 year full-time Master Degree Programme - will gain students professional skills focusing more closely on their chosen field. The department in charge of the Masters is the Magistratura (

The international dimension of the Academy is presented by the International Education Centre (IEC) and offers foreign students a variety of undergraduate and graduate degree programmes in English as the language of instruction. IEC students can major in finance & credit, marketing, hotel and restaurant management, and business administration. The IEC has set up partnerships with 7 European universities, where on the basis of adjusting and matching syllabi and curricula, students’ grades and degrees are transferable and prove valid both for Russian and European academic standards. There are students exchange programs with over 35 universities in more than a dozen countries across the world.


International Business School (IBS) [] was established as a division of Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics in 2001, as the result of reorganization of International Educational Programmes Centre.

Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics started international student exchange programmes in the mid-eighties, and thus became the first institution of higher education in Moscow to offer a programme with instruction in English, in 1992, as part of IBS-Plekhanov project.

The project resulted from the cooperation with several Dutch universities (Hanzehogeschool van Groningen, Arnhem Business school, Haagsehogeschool), which started with the exchange of students and developing the Double Degree Programme with focus on International Marketing, Management and Finance. The first 20 students were enrolled in 1993, and in 1997, the Double Degree (Russian and Dutch) was conferred to 19 students, who successfully completed the course of study.

At present about 350 Russian and international students study at IBS. Every year more than 100 students go abroad to continue their education with one of the foreign partners of REA.

The 4-year programme of higher professional education leading up to the degree of Bachelor of Economics started in 2001. All IBS students have a chance to receive a degree at a partner institution abroad and a Russian degree of Bachelor of Economics from Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics. After the Bachelor of Economics degree, students are able to continue their education, following the programme leading up to the degree of Specialist in the areas of Marketing and Finance and Credit.

In 2006 the Bachelor of Economics programme was accredited by the European Council for Business Education.

In 2006 in cooperation with the Master’s Programme Division of Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics, IBS-Plekhanov started the higher professional education programme leading up to the degree of Master of Economics in the area of International Economics.

The leading teaching staff of Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics and invited lectures from the leading Russian, U.S. and European universities, prominent specialist in economics, finance and banking teach at IBS-Plekhanov.


The Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics and the Italian Economic and Research Society, NOMISMA founded Moscow International Higher Business School MIRBIS in 1988. The school is based on the inter-government agreement between Russia and Italy to create one of the first business schools in the Soviet Union. The School provides a full range of business education, research, consulting services and partnership links with or-ganisations in private and state sectors in areas including accounting, finance, banking, marketing, economic development, human resource management, law, management and foreign languages.

Since the establishment of Moscow Business School (MIRBIS) [] in 1988 over 18 thousand students graduated from executive and management development courses, BA, MA and MBA degree programmes and professional training courses offered by MIRBIS.

In 2004, the school became the first private business school in Russia that was accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). AMBA extended international accreditation to all MIRBIS MBA programmes. Since 2006 MIRBIS has been the only business school which has international accreditations for all its academic programmes – on top of the MBA, its Bachelor degree courses are accredited by the EFMD EPAS, and Master degrees have the accreditation of the AMBA PEMM.


The Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics also cofounded Sinerghia Economics and Finance Institute, IEF Sinerghia [] in 1988. IEF Sinerghia is one of the first private educational institutions along with MIRBIS. The Institute has developed an expertise in higher and business education. More than 20 000 top-managers and specialists of higher and middle level from private and public sectors have finished its programmes. These professionals form a unique community of Sinerghia alumni who are ready to help each other in the professional sphere, career development and promotion.

Sinerghia has received Russian/International professional and public accreditations, e.g Association of MBAs (AMBA) on May, 2006, which reaccredited Sinerghia MBA programmes up to 2011. and Certificate of state accreditation No. 1028 of July 04, 2003 issued by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

Best Russian educational traditions and advanced western experience gives Sinerghia students the opportunity to get such professional knowledge and skills which consider the specific character of the student body. Sinerghia creates the specific learning environment which allows its faculty to work on practically individual basis with each student. IEF Sinerghia keeps up constant contacts with major companies which assist in futureemployment of the graduates not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Instutute positions itself as a Russian business school with full cycle of continuous education (Bachelor - Specialist - Master - MBA - Post-graduate course - training and up-grading - consulting) by means of unique programmes which combine the variety, richness and complexity of domestic and international realities.

A business school also offers joint educational programmes with leading international business schools – Business School of Durham University, Newcastle University (UK), Technische Universitat Dresden (Germany), Polimoda s.r.l. (Italy) etc.

Sinerghia’s patron and trustee is His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Kent.


REA is the first and only multi-facet educational and production institution in Russia. It unites 10 departments, 3 faculties, 8 affiliates and regional educational centres. The Plekhanov Academy has over 70 partner institutions in 42 countries of the world. More than 500 students leave for studies and internships abroad every year. In The Plekhanov Honorary Doctors club 43 includes 53 accomplished people from 17 countries. Over 200 foreign students study at the school. The Academy is part of the European Double Degree system. Since 1992 it has been offering full degree programmes in English as the language of instruction.In the recent years over 3500 specialist in different areas have received undergraduate and graduate degrees. 278 professionals completed their PhD courses and 102 academics finalised their doctorate studies.In 1994 federal and regional research projects were started in " Peoples of Russia: Revival and Development", " Universities of Russia" "Preserving and Developing the Intellectual Potential of Russian Higher Education". Results have been of great interest and significance.

Of special interest is the establishment and accreditation of two laboratories dedicated to commodity expertise - in foodstuffs and microbiology. These laboratories were the basis for a Certification and Expertise Centre licensed in 1995.

The Plekhanov Academy holds a number of patents for different innovations in food processing, services and manufactured goods.

During the last 5 years 33 books were published by Plekhanov faculty members, 58 collections of articles, 279 textbook, 1224 articles . 278 dissertation were presented in the same period.


Traditionally, the Plehanov Academy of Economics has collaborated with many universities from all over the world. It has established double degree programs primarily thru its International Business School, IBS.Here is the list of the partner-universities:

*1. Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration –
*2. University of Applied Sciences Krems –
*3. Steyr School of Management –
*4. University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg – BELGIUM
*1. EPHEC School of Business (Bruxelles)– UNITED KINGDOM
*1. European Business School London – GERMANY
*1. Berlin University of Techniques and Business –
*2. Dresden University of Techniques and Economics – (DD)*
*3. School of Management Duisburg –
*4. University of Konstanz –
*5. University of Cologne –
*6. Business School University of Mannheim -
*7. Hof University of Applied Sciences –
*8. University of Oldenburg – www.uni-oldenburg.deDENMARK
*1. Copenhagen Business School – SPAIN
*1. University of Valladolid –
*2. ESIC Business & Marketing School (Madrid) – ITALY
*1. Bocconi University - www.unibocconi.itICELAND
*1. University of Iceland – CANADA
*1. McGill University (Montreal) –
*2. Simon Fraser University – www.sfu.caCHINA
*1. University of Macau - www.umac.moNETHERLANDS
*1. HES School of Economics and Business (Amsterdam) –
*2. Arnhem Business School - (DD)
*3. Haagse Hogeschool University of Professional Education - (DD)
*4. Utrecht University of Professional Education – (DD)
*5. Hanzehogeschool Groningen University of Professional Education – (DD)NORWAY
*1. Norwegian School of Management (Oslo) – SINGAPORE
*1. Singapore Management University – SLOVAKIA
*1. University of Economics (Bratislava) – TAIWAN
*1. Ming Chuan University – FINLAND
*1. Satakunta Polytechnic University –
*2. University of Tampere –
*3. Turku School of Economics & Business Administration –
*4. HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences –
*5. Hanken Swedish School of Economics & Business Administration –
*6. Lappeenranta University of Technology – FRANCE
*1. Dunkerque University of Economics and International Trade –
*2. Rouen School of Management – (DD)
*3. University of Leonardo da Vinci – (DD)
*4. ESCE University of Leonardo da Vinci – (DD)
*5. Audencia Nantes School of Management – (DD)
*6. ESC Bretagne Brest –
*7. Euromed Marseille School of Management –
*8. ESC Lille School of Management - www.esc-lille.frSWITZERLAND
*1. 1.University of Applied Sciences (FHNW) - SWEDEN
*1. University College of Boras – (DD)
*2. School of Economics and Commercial Law (Goteborg) –
*3. Jonkoping International Business School – (DD)
*4. Umea School of Business and Economics –
*5. Baltic Business School (University of Kalmar) – CROATIA
*1. School of Economics and Management –


The Academy is located in 4 buildings on one campus in the downtown of Moscow. Students can participate in practical placements in the restaurant, stock-exchange and risk analysis laboratory, all of which are specialised departments.The University also offers its students accommodation, which is located at less than 5 minutes' walk away from the main building. Students' accommodation consists mainly of furnished apartments and dormitories. The Campus is near the Metro station Serpukhovskaya, at the very centre of the City.


Russian Plekhanov Academy is one of the most prestigious educational institutes in Russian Federation. Its alumni are employed in different spheres of Russian and world economy and politics. Among its graduates are such famous people as The Leader of Democratic Party Yabloko Gregory Yavlinskiy, Former Head of Russian Central Bank Tatiana Paramonova, Former Russian Finance Minister Mikhail Zadornov, Former Russian Finance Minister Alexander Livshitz, Senior MP in The State Duma Valery Zubov, Oleg Deripaska and many others.

REA Alumni Association is active in many social and political initiatives []

Many graduates are employed by Coca-Cola, Nestle, KPMG, E&Y, Citi, PwC, Deloitte, VTB, UniCredit, Gazprom, A.T. Kearney, McKinsey, Accenture, British Council, British Petroleum, Renault,Procter and Gamble,Unilever and many others.

The others prefer to complete their PhDs at Russian bisiness schools or abroad.


* [] --general info
* [] --accreditation from Ministry of Education and Science of Russia
* [] --member of EFMD
* [] --member of European University Association
* [] --accredited member by European Council for Business Education
* [] --list of accredited universities in Russia from UNESCO
* [] --ranking of top Russia's Universities by Ministry of Education and Science (data from 2003)
* [] --ranking of Russia top 100 universities by Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST)
* [] --list of Acceptable Russian Institutes of Higher Education for Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Designation from Institute of Management Accountants

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