Bicycle crunch

A bicycle crunch is a form of abdominal exercise. The exerciser lies on their back, placing their hands behind their head for support. They then bend their knees 90° and then alternately raise and extend their legs bringing their right elbow and left knee together and then left elbow and right knee together, resulting in a leg motion that resembles pedaling a bicycle. In the past it has been considered risky due to the stresses it places on the body, particularly by causing compression of the cervical disks in the neck, but when performed slowly and without pulling too hard on the head it is safe to do. [cite web| url=| title=Best Abs| year=2007| publisher= Gin Miller Fitness| accessdate=2007-03-24]

Analysis using electromyography has shown the bicycle crunch to be one of the best forms of abdominal muscle exercise. [cite web| url=| title=Abdominal Exercises. Which exercises work the abdominals best?| publisher=Authentic Health Fitness Australia| accessdate=2007-03-24| year=2004]


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