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dates=January 1, 2007 - Present
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current_commander=Rr. Adm. Sarath Weerasekara RWP, USP, ndc, psc SLN
motto=Protect the Nation with self Sacrifice
battles=Sri Lankan Civil War

Department of Civil Defence or the Sri Lanka Civil Defence Force is the former Home Guard Service, is a Sri Lankan paramilitary force which is tasked as an auxiliary to the Sri Lankan Police. The activities relating to the Home Guard Service established under the Mobilization of Supplementary Force Act No. 40 of 1985. The local home guards come under the command of the local police. They are all volunteers deployed in the their home towns and villages, to protect the civilian population from attacks by the LTTE terrorists. The Department of Civil Defence comes under the purview of the Ministry of Defence. Current Director General of the department is Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara RWP, USP, ndc, psc SLN the former Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Navy.

The Home Guard is not the Sri Lanka National Guard, which is a volunteer reserve Regiment of the Sri Lanka Army.


The functions to be performed by Home Guards are listed below:
*To serve as Auxiliary to the Police and generally help in maintaining internal security.
*To serve in static defensive duties such as man check points, guard low priority buildings, installations, guard villages etc.
*To function as an Emergency Force intended for special tasks directly or indirectly connected with the defence of the country.
*To help the community in any kind of Emergency--such as any natural Calamity.

pecial duties

*Providing security to centers of economic importance.
*Protecting main supply routes


Following the start of Sri Lankan civil war many villages were attacked by LTTE terrorists which resulted in the deaths of many civilians. Due to these attacks the villagers began to organize themselves to protect themselves. The original Home Guards were local volunteers, who were initially armed with shotguns by the government to protect themselves.

In 1986 the Home Guard Service was created by the then Minister of National Security the late Hon. Lalith Athulathmudali with a strength of about 5000 personnel. They were issued uniforms and weapons (mostly Shotguns) and were under the command of the local Sri Lankan Police units. In 1988 female guardswomen were joined to the force. Since 1993 they have been issued with automatic rifles. In April 2006 the Home Guard was renamed as the Civil Defence Force followed by the establishment of the Department of Civil Defence on 1 January 2007. Since its consumption its members have been deployed outside their home villages to maintain public security even in Colombo.


Over 35,000 serve in all districts and provinces. Mostly deployed in villages effected from attacks by the LTTE terrorists, in the Northern and the Eastern provinces. They are also deployed in major cities and towns to assist the police maintain public security.


*District Officer
*Sub Warden
*Home Guard


Training is provided in two stages. Basic training is provided by the Sri Lankan Army at various army training centers. Duration is usually 2-4 weeks. Additional training is carried out from time to time in the areas where units are deployed by mobile training units.


The Civil Defence Force is trained to use and are equipped with weapons such as the Type 56 assault rifles, L1A1 Self-Loading Rifles, .303 Lee Enfield rifles and Shotguns.

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