The first ensign of Dobroflot (1881 - 1897)

Dobroflot or Dobrovolny Flot (Russian: Добровольный флот, Доброфлот, meaning "Voluntary Fleet") was a ship transport association established in the Russian Empire in 1878 funded from voluntary contributions collected by subscription (hence the name). Also known as Russian Volunteer Fleet.

After the Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War the ships of the fleet became dispersed over various countries, and Soviet Russia made efforts to return them via international courts. In 1922 Dobroflot was restored in the Soviet Union and included into the Sovtorgflot ("Soviet Commercial Fleet") in 1925.

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  • Dobroflot at "Departmental Flags of the Russian Empire" page (Russian)
  • People's Voluntary Fleet, В. Дукельский, Московский журнал № 8 — 2006 г. (Russian)

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