List of organic reactions

Well-known reactions and reagents in organic chemistry include

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  • Quelet reaction




  • Tamao oxidation
  • Tafel rearrangement
  • Takai olefination
  • Tebbe olefination
  • ter Meer reaction
  • Thiele reaction
  • Thiol-yne reaction
  • Thorpe reaction
  • Tiemann rearrangement
  • Tiffeneau ring enlargement reaction
  • Tiffeneau-Demjanow rearrangement
  • Tischtschenko reaction
  • Tishchenko reaction, Tischischenko-Claisen reaction
  • Tollens reagent
  • Transfer hydrogenation
  • Trapp mixture
  • Transesterification
  • Traube purine synthesis
  • Truce-Smiles rearrangement
  • Tscherniac-Einhorn reaction
  • Tschitschibabin reaction
  • Tschugajeff reaction
  • Twitchell process
  • Tyrer sulfonation process






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