Technological revival

=Definition of the concept=

The technological revival concept, which can also be called technological reminiscence, consists in using the technology of today to bring back to life the technological contents of yesterday.

Applicability of the technological revival concept

The technological revival concept lies within the idea of a certain nostalgia of the multimedia contents of yesterday (Radio, television, video games...) It expresses itself fully with the rising coming of Web 2.0. It can take various forms:

* To use the high-tech possibilities to make rebirth radiophonic or televisual programs of yesterday. The Internet high flow authorizes,now, this practice on a general basis. As a matter of fact, the vintage multimedias contents are relatively easy to digitalize, so that they can, then, being downloaded (NB: respect of the royalties)

EX: Setting on line on Internet, some old television programs.

* To connect a technological system of yesterday with a system of today.

EX: To connect a video game console of the 1st generation (Standard Nintendo Nes 8 bytes) on a video projector, a plasma screen...

Technical terms related to the technological revival

VHS RIP: Televisual program setted on line at the disposal of the Net surfers and whose native source of recording comes from the VHS standard (analogical)

Radio RIP: Radiophonic program setted on line at the disposal of the Net surfers and whose native source of recording comes from a radio set.

Limits of application

The technological revival works rather well with multimedia contents dating from the 90's, 80's or 70's. Beyond that, it becomes difficult to combine revival technological and quality.

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