Victor Newman and Nikki Reed

Victor Newman and Nicole "Nikki" Reed are fictional characters and a supercouple from the CBS daytime drama "The Young and the Restless". Victor is portrayed by veteran daytime actor Eric Braeden and Nikki is portrayed by Melody Thomas Scott.


The writers of "The Young and the Restless" detailed characters Victor Newman and Nikki Reed to marry and divorce or depart from each other in some form or fashion in a continuous cycle. This has taken place for as long as the couple has been together, the principle being that, like most supercouples, they are to always find themselves drawn back to each other. [cite web | author= | title=Victor and Nikki Timeline | work="Soap Opera Digest" | url=
] When Victor and Nikki's popularity was established, "Soap Opera Digest" relayed the beginning of the pairing's creation and their impact, commenting, "Y&R" Creator/Senior Executive Producer/Executive Story Consultant William J. Bell was so impressed by Braeden’s powerful performance on "Y&R" that he repositioned the character of Victor, and in 1981, teamed him with Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki). The inspired decision led to Victor and Nikki becoming "Y&R’s" most successful supercouple." [cite web | author= | title=THE THRILL OF VICTOR-Y: Y&R’S ERIC BRAEDEN CELEBRATES 20 YEARS IN A JOB HE ALMOST QUIT
work=Soap Opera Digest, publisher Robert Waldron | url=


Victor Newman meets Nikki Reed, who (barely out of her teens) is working as a stripper at the Bayou. Victor is intrigued by her, and takes her home, where under his influence, she is transformed into a classy young lady. Victor is adamant at first that he has no romantic feelings for Nikki, but he soon succumbs to her charms and they have a night of passionate love-making. Victor casts off his night of passion with Nikki as a mistake, and instead takes up with a woman named Lori Brooks, who unbeknownst to him, is writing an exposé on him. Prior to their wedding, Lori convinces Victor into giving her Prentiss Industries (the company Victor bought away from her former husband Lance) as a wedding gift. Victor does, and she tears up the manuscript in return. Lori then leaves Victor at the altar with a note and her ring. Never having been duped before, Lori is the first person to ever pull a fast one on Victor Newman and get away with it. Victor later admits that he truly is in love with Nikki. Nikki eventually gives birth to Victor's daughter Victoria, and the couple weds in a lavish ceremony unlike any held before in Genoa City.

One of the greatest threats to Victor and Nikki's union is arguably Ashley Abbott, as some time later, Victor falls in love with the beautiful Ashley, who happens to be the sister of his archenemy Jack Abbott. Victor is heartbroken in discovering that Ashley has aborted his baby so that he will stay with a dying Nikki. Nikki later recovers, but intentionally hasn't informed Victor to stay clear of the threat Ashley poses. Victor and Nikki divorce after he lashes out that Nikki purposely provided information about Ashley's abortion to an unauthorized biographer — Leanna Randolph. Leanna Randolph is also known as Randall. Victor weds her, all while being unaware of her true intentions. The marriage is quickly annulled and Victor pays Leanna a settlement, but she remains a bothersome component in Victor's life on occasion. Victor even marries Ashley, but the marriage doesn't last when Ashley divorces Victor after difficulties.

While estranged, Nikki and Victor share a night of passion, which results in Nikki becoming pregnant with their son Nicholas.

Later down the road, Ashley would be the only other woman besides Nikki and Hope Adams, to have Victor's child, a daughter Abby Carlton.

After Victor is blasted by Nikki, Ashley, and teenaged Victoria, all resenting the control he tries to exert in their lives, he leaves town. During Victor's trip, he is robbed of his wallet, jewelry, and car. After his car is found with a body inside burned beyond recognition, word reaches Genoa City that Victor is dead. However, Victor turns up at the Kansas farm of the blind Hope Adams just in time to rescue her from a rapist. Months with Hope, Victor grows close to her.

Victor's return to Genoa City naturally sends a shock throughout the lives of his family, friends, and enemies. Nikki especially takes Victor's return hard when Victor weds Hope. Though, in time, Hope divorces Victor and returns to Kansas with her and Victor's son — Victor, Jr. Victor later weds architect Diane Jenkins, Jack's ex-fiancée, but when it is revealed that Nikki is close to death once more, Victor dumps Diane to wed Nikki, and in what seems like an attribute of Victor having rushed to her bedside, Nikki survives, much to the dismay of Diane. Victor and Diane divorce, though with his speedy marriage to Nikki, the divorce is not legal. Finally, Diane reluctantly agrees to a legal divorce after she acquires millions in the divorce settlement.

Victor and Nikki re-wed; this time it is legal. The wedding takes place at the Colonnade room, the site of their first wedding. Nikki and Victor again start up the rocky aspect of their romance when Victor's unethical and illegal business practices harm Jabot, as Nikki has made a notable investment there. Nikki starts to have horrible flashbacks to accidentally shooting Joshua Cassen when she was a five-year-old. Nikki is stunned to discover that Joshua was the older brother of her new business associate Bobby Marsino. Victor comes to the rescue of Nikki after Bobby's mob associates kidnapped her. Afterwards, Nikki is further devastated to learn that Bobby was killed after he left town to testify against the mob.

Nikki later moves on, and she and Phyllis Summers partner with Victor to create a chain of Wellness Spas across the country. However, when Victor learns that Nick had an affair with Phyllis Abbott (formerly known as Phyllis Summers), following the death of Nick's daughter Cassie, as well as Victoria planning to marry Brad Carlton (another one of Victor's enemies), Victor doesn't just let it slide, he fires Phyllis and returns to holding the reins of his company.

Nikki disapproves of Phyllis' firing, because Victor did not consult her first, but their love for each other ends the disagreement. When Victor suffers a head injury while rescuing Nikki from a carjacking, Victor becomes epileptic. His loved ones are well off at the seemingly new laid-back personality Victor now encompasses, but they soon become worried for his health when he begins experiencing seizures. Making things even more complicated, as well as bizarre, he suddenly develops a friendly relationship with his main enemy Jack. Nikki later becomes concerned that Jack is manipulating a vulnerable Victor for his own personal financial gain. After a while, Victor finally appears in good health.

Victor and Nikki have their ups and downs, but always manage to find their way back to each other romantically.

Cultural impact and popularity

Recognition for Victor and Nikki being one of daytime's most prominent couples comes in many forms, such as the "The News & Advance" (also known as — Lynchburg's daily newspaper that serves the Central Virginia region. "The News & Advance" cited Victor and Nikki in the likes of other early epic romances, stating, "1980s: During this time, soaps also began putting together supercouples such as Luke and Laura, Bo and Hope ("Days of our Lives") and Victor and Nikki ("The Young and the Restless")." [cite web | author= | title=Timeline of daytime soaps | url=!burg

Victor and Nikki's weddings tend to be events that press often finds difficult to overlook. Such was the case with ("Entertainment Weekly" magazine) as, with one of the couple's marriage ceremonies, they reported, "Y&R" keeps it real with Victor and Nikki's third wedding." [cite web | author= | title=Campy vs. classic: Two soap opera styles duke it out for daytime ratings supremacy, Bursting Bubbles, Publisher Lynette Rice. | url=,,393420,00.html

Praise from fellow supercouples

Having proven their durability as a pairing over the years, Victor and Nikki's romance is often noted by actors and actresses who are also a part of their own supercouple. Reported by "The Michael Bruno Group" (MBGLA), "As the World Turns'" Martha Byrne (Lily), of the supercouple Lily and Holden clarifies, "Young and Restless"' Victor and Nikki are the perfect example of a couple who they can tear apart and put back together how many times? And (the writers) do it really well because they're so stable as characters that you can basically do anything with them now, and the audience will go on the journey with them." [cite web | author= | title=When Fans Devotion Actually Hurts Their Favorite Stars daytime ratings supremacy
work=The Michael Bruno Group Los Angeles - MBGLA, Press Articles, Publisher Jennifer Lenhart | url=

pecific detail on legacy

After the death of William J. Bell, creator of "The Young and the Restless", the magazine "Variety" noted executive producer-head writer of the show John F. Smith, citing, "William J. Bell was a legend and a pioneer in daytime television. Bell created or wrote for the shows that became the backdrop of American living rooms in the golden years of the 1950s, the '60s and beyond." Further in the tribute was the mention of the impact Bell's most notable characters within the show exuded: cquote|To all of us, "The Young and the Restless" was never a soap opera. It was the mantra that the present moment is all that's available, and in our case the present moment most often belonged to Victor or Nikki or Kay Chancellor — through whom we spoke, cried and laughed. [cite web | author= | title=Godfather of daytime dish
work=Variety Magazine| url=

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