Quill (disambiguation)

*A quill is a pen made from a feather.

Quill can also refer to:

*A character from "";
*Quill (comics), the X-men character;
*Quill drive, a mechanism to connect drive shafts together so they need not be oriented in the same direction;
*Quill Lake, Saskatchewan;
*"Quill", the magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists;
*The protruding movable shaft in a tailstock of a lathe;
*The Quill Awards, a set of awards for books;
*The Quill (volcano), a volcano on St. Eustatius;
*The spiny barbs of a porcupine;


*Eric Quill, a professional soccer player;
*Jeffrey Quill (1913–1996), British aviator and author
*Mike Quill, one of the founders of the Transport Workers Union of America (TWU), a subway workers union;
*Quill (surname), an Irish surname;

Computer software

*Quill Wordprocessor, Psion software;
*QUILL, programming language used in Quintiq software;
*"The Quill", a 1983 computer program to write adventure games;


*Quill (band), a US band that played at the Woodstock festival;
*The Quill (band), a Swedish stoner rock/metal band;
*Quills (band), a grindcore band from Baltimore;


*"Quill (film)", a 2004 Japanese movie;
*"Quills", a 2000 English movie;

Musical instruments

*Quill, one of many plectra in a harpsichord, made from a feather or synthetic material;
*"The quills", an old word in the United States and Britain for pan pipes;

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