Jet may refer to:


*Jet engine
*Jet aircraft
*Jet Airways, an airline based in India serving domestic and international routes
*JetLite, subsidiary of Jet Airways
*JetBlue Airways, an airline based in New York
*Jetstar Airways, an Australian airline servicing domestic and International routes
*Jetsgo, a Canadian airline

Mathematics and Science

*Jet (mathematics)
*Jet bundle
*Jet (particle physics)
*Polar jet, a phenomenon in astronomy, where streams of matter are emitted along the axis of rotation of a compact object.
*Relativistic jets are extremely powerful jets of plasma which emerge from the centers of some active galaxies.
*Jet (lignite), a type of coal used in some jewelry (origin of the adjective jet-black)
*Jets, a type of upper atmosphere lightning phenomena.
*Joint European Torus Experimental nuclear fusion machine.


*Jet (band), an Australian rock band
*"Jet" (song), a 1973 single by Wings
*Jet (UK band), a 1970s glam rock band from England
*Jet-CD, a 1998 album by Puffy AmiYumi
*The Jets (1980s pop band), a 1980s pop, R&B, dance and religious music band from Minneapolis, Minnesota
*The Jets (rock band), a 1970s rock band from Pekin, Illinois
*Jet Records, a record label
*Joan Jett, American rock guitarist and singer


*Jet (Wildstorm), a character from Wildstorm/DC Comics
*Jet (comics), a female character in DC comics "New Guardians"
*Jet Jaguar, a fictional robot from the 1973 film "Godzilla vs. Megalon"
*The Jets, a gang in the 1957 Broadway musical "West Side Story"
*, a character from the TV series ""
*, the tenth episode of the first season of the TV series ""
*Jet Black, a character from the anime "Cowboy Bebop"
*Jet the Hawk, a video game character from "Sonic Riders"
*Jet, a widely used drug in the "Fallout 2" universe
*Jet Fusion, a cartoon character from ""
*Jet Link, who is Cyborg 002, a character from "Cyborg 009"
*Jet, one of the elements mentioned in the openings of the british fiction series "Sapphire & Steel"


*New York Jets, an American football team
*Jet 14, a class of racing sailboats primarily located from the U.S. Atlantic coast to Ohio
*Delhi Jets, A Cricket team from Indian Cricket League
*Winnipeg Jets, a former professional hockey team
*Ipswich Jets, Australian rugby league team
*Jet, Diane Youdale, one of the stars of "Gladiators"
*"Jet," or "Jet Terry," nickname of Dallas Maverick Jason Terry
*Benny "The Jet" Urquidez, A kickboxer, coreographer and actor Benny Urquidez
*Newcastle United Jets, Champions of a professional football competition in Australia called the A-League.
*Newtown Jets, Australian rugby league team
*Jet, aka Monica Carlson, the Women's Champion of the first season of the 2008 revival of American Gladiators


*Journal of Economic Theory, an academic journal in the field of economics
*"JETS", "Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society", a premier theological journal
*"Jet" (magazine), an African-American themed magazine
*Jet Li, Chinese martial artist, actor, Wushu champion, and international film star
*JET Programme, the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme (teaching English)

Products and business

*jetAudio, Multimedia software product
*Microsoft Jet Database Engine, Joint Engine Technology
*Java Emitter Templates, a template engine that is part of the Eclipse EMF project
*Matra Sports Jet, a French sports car
*Jet (brand), a filling station brand name
*JET TV, a television station in Singapore and Taiwan in the Jadeworld station group
*Pump-jet, a marine propulsion mechanism for jetskis and other types of boats
*Water jet cutter, a tool for cutting and the machining of engineering materials
*Jet: a tube, nozzle, or passageway in a carburetor


*Jet, Oklahoma, United States of America


*Water jet (recreation), a personal-use water cannon that can be turned to spray in different directions and is usually found in water parks
*Jet of Iada A famous German Shepherd Red Cross Rescue dog who saved hundreds of lives in 1940 during the bombings of London, the Battle of Britain or the Blitz.

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